Google Maps on iPhone and iPad

July 12, 2017

If you are an iPhone or the iPad user then you will get the access to a number of alluring features that it provides to the users to make their life easy.It also provides the facility of the Google maps which will allow you to navigate to a place which is quite unknown to you.

How to use Google Maps on iPhone and iPad

So if you want to use this service or the feature of this device then you must follow the below-written steps very carefully-

  • First of all, you have to open your device i.e your iPhone or iPad or tablet.
  • Followed by opening the Google Maps app on your device.
  • Now once you open it then you have to first make sure that you are properly connected to the internet.
  • And you are also signed into the Google maps by entering the valid details.
  • Then you simply need to search for the desired place, you can search for any place by entering the name of the place.
  • Then you just need to go to the bottom of the screen and then you have to tap on the name or the address of the particular place.
  • And then after doing that you simply need to tap on the download button and
  • The navigation of the directions for that particular place would start.

How do you get directions on Google Maps app

Now in case you are using the google map app and you wish to get the directions on this google map then you have to follow the below written steps:-

  • Here you have to, first of all, open your device i.e iPhone or iPad
  • And then you have to open the Google Maps app on your device
  • Followed by searching for the destination that you wish to get the directions for.
  • After that, you have to go to the bottom right corner of the page and there you have to tap on the blue circle.
  • After doing this you need to go to the top of the screen that is infront of you and then
  • You have to tap on the driving option.
  • As you reach this level then you will also be able to see a option saying more route on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Now just avoid the tolls and the highways and enjoy driving without any problem.

The above written steps are the simple steps to navigate to a place on the iphone or the ipad.


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