Change and Reset Google Password

January 2, 2018

Google may definitely have stored some of the important and sensitive data.To avoid the inconvenience and to avoid the hackers attack on google, it is advisable to change the password.From a security point of view, it is incredibly important that user should frequently and consistently change password on google.

While choosing a new password which user will change for Google, the user is required to keep in mind that make the password long but it should be real in quality that it is not easily hacked by any of the dangerous hackers. Make sure password combination should be random and may not include any specific word or name of the user which can be easily identified.

The password should be novel and should have so much strength that it is quite hard to be guessed by any of the individual or computing system. It is to be kept in mind that if the individual is making a change in google account simultaneously changes will be made in other products linked with Google In a swift manner.

How to Change Google Password in a systematic manner?

Simple and reliable step by step approach to change google password in nick of time

  • User is required to firstly launch web browser application on windows in system
  • Proceeding to next step, user is required to enter email address and password and  will be redirected to sign in page
  • Proceeding to sign in section, user is required to scroll down and hit single click on password option
  • The user will be prompted for while the user is required to enter current password in the desired field.This help in verifying identity of person in an effective way
  • Proceeding to next step, the user is required to create a new and novel password.
  • It is to be kept in mind that password that has been provided in past as google password cannot be used once again. So it is advisable for user to enter fresh and difficult password in the desired field
  • Some of the tips for a new password that can be difficult to be cracked in a remarkable manner is use break up words along with symbol and characters.
  • User can even make use of special characters and ideal password may range up to sixteen characters in combination
  • User is required to enter new password in the desired field twice
  • Once the task has been completed, user is required to hit click o save option
  • The user can smoothly login with google accounts and products with the new password to enjoy services and features in a hassle-free manner.

How to Reset Lost or Forgotten Google Password?

To avoid unauthorized person to access google account, it is recommended to reset the Google password. Some time user may even face technical hiccup that user is unable to access google account due to lost password or forgotten password tribulation, in such scenario, the best approach to retrieve password is through an effective recovery process that helps the user to get rid of the recurring error and reset password in a significant way.

Just have a quick look at complete set of instructions that can be adapted to reset password in minimal time

  • User is required to swiftly visit google account official web portal
  • Moreover, user is required to enter email address and hit click on forget password option
  • Furthermore, user is required to hit click on need help option that gets displayed on screen
  • Proceeding to next step, user is required to process to google recovery page which helps user to regain access to Google application in an abundant manner
  • User is required to choose the options don't know password in trouble in sign in page and hit single click on continue option
  • Moving to next step, the user is required to enter the last password if remembered in space provided. This feature lets identify that user is the real account holder. In case user did not remember, just hit single click on don’t know the password
  • Proceeding to next step, user is required to gain recovery code through secondary email address or recovery phone number where the code will be delivered
  • In case, user does not have any of the above-illustrated processes, just answer few array of security questionnaire that was asked at time of sign up with Google
  • In the survey, the user is required to answer date of birth, the date on which google account was created, last login in details in an accurate manner to proceed with retrieving password in a hassle-free manner.
  • In case user choose recovery phone as relevant method, user need to specify phone number in the desired field
  • User will receive text message code of four digits, user is required to enter the code and proceed to reset page
  • Once the code has been entered, user will be redirected to reset webpage in a significant way
  • The user is required to enter new and strong google password which should be a mixture of lowercase letters, special characters, symbols and is very tedious to crack.Some of the points that is recommended to know while creating new password is it should be distinct, should not be shared with any kind of individual not even with friends, should be long enough, make sure user make use of lowercase and uppercase in start and end of password combination and checkout for spaces in between the letter if applicable
  • Once the unbreakable to crack and pretty simple to remember password has been provided twice, just hit click on save option to gain quick and splendid access to google activities in an outstanding way

To utilize best and excellent assistance to eliminate the root cause of google technical snags, the user can seek an impeccable solution from technocrats who are available 24/7 around the globe. Through versatile mode of the channel, the user can grab expeditious solution to diminish error.

Some of the modes may include email process, help forum where the user can easily post queries, phone support through a toll free number or multiple helpline numbers or through remote desktop assistance which easily rectify the error by procuring data of computer of the individual to maintain privacy in an authentic manner. 

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