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Avail useful technical guidance to fix the issue for router shortly:

The router is one of the network devices that offer a smooth network to connect to the network and internet service. Actually, router generally connects with two networks LAN and WAN with the help of ISP`s networks. Thus, if talk about the Wi-Fi router then it is correctly capable of getting connects multiple technical devices in order to forward data packet along with the networks. It is the best in the task and immensely used through the number of the users across the world.

It is not so but also it is widely used in the biggest networking sphere like tech support MNC Companies. Sometimes unnecessary technical mishaps occur while using this device to connecting to the device then router customer service is the best mode that helps to get connect with excellent technical executives who are extensively dexterous to offer technical assistance in no time.

How to get a solution for several Router technical faults:

There are several technical faults occurred at times when starting up the process of resetting the password, conferring router with the Wi-Fi technical device and such many tasks that are performed by the users. All it is the specific resolution task that performs by the router customer support offers relatively technical solutions to fix out the issue in no time.

Some common router issue:

1)      DNS server is not responding with the router.

2)      Password unable to change and reset.

3)      Unable to configure wireless router.

4)      The router is not working fine with the DHCP settings.

5)      IP not connecting and not pinging and much more.

To fix all these issues it is most necessary to get a touch of router technical support team that is available around the clock.

Avail solution for DNS server is not responding with the router:   

If unable to load a website that means DNS server is not responding with the ISP and router affected then troubles shoot some basic steps provided by the tech support team.

Follow the steps as mentioned below:

a) Try to connect another device to the networks and try to access a web page.

b) Power cycle your modem and router

c) Go to the “Settings” and click on the data and reset the configuration.

d) If having an unlimited connection then remove them and flush DNS server settings.

e) Change DNS server with the IP and try to get a connection with the IP.

f) Enter the Alternate DNS server and click to the “Restore” defaults.

g) Reset the router and log in with the username and IP.

Hopefully, this time router will be working with the DNS server if not then instantly dial the number of router helpline number that is available 24x7 to offer tech support assistance.