Use Netgear routers for a smooth-sailing networking experience

A router is an electronic device with a CPU, memory, and I/O unit that connects several computers together. Netgear is the most popular name in this genre that has already marketed dozens of wired and wireless routers all over the world. Netgear routers are popular for their simplicity, multimodal facilities, and numerous interesting features and most important factor why people trust Netgear router because of their technical support for Netgear router.

How to set up a Netgear router?

Netgear router users call at the Netgear router technical support number for getting assistance in installing Netgear routers. The following steps help to set up these routers:

  • The user needs to unplug the modem and router power cord temporarily. An Ethernet cable is to be connected from the internet net port of the router and the modem. Another Ethernet cable is to be connected from the computer and the LAN port of the router. All necessary power cords are to be connected and electricity supply is to be started.
  • As the internet becomes accessible, the user needs to visit the web page or
  • The user now needs to log in with user id and password. The default username is “admin” and the default password is “password”.
  • The “Advanced” option as appears on the screen is to be clicked. It will then show the “Setup Wizard” which is to be clicked followed by a click on “Next” option.
  • The setup wizard will complete the setup process automatically.

How to upgrade Netgear router?

The system administrator upgrades the router's firmware on a regular basis. The users need to follow the process mentioned below to upgrade the router:

  • The page will ask for the user id and password which will be “admin” and “password” by default.
  • The user now needs to select “administration” and then “Advanced” option. Here, a router update option will be visible.
  • On entering the update option, the user will have to click the “Check” option. 
  • The system will automatically display the available upgraded version. Then by clicking on “Yes”, the user will be able to upload the upgraded version.

How to change the password of Netgear WiFi router?

Netgear router customer support often gets calls from the router users for expert assistance in changing the WiFi password. The steps involved in this matter are as follows:

  • The user now needs to type username and password and then select “Ok”
  • As the new screen appears, the user needs to click on “Wireless
  • The system will ask to provide a new username in the Name (SSID) and password in the Password (Network Key) fields
  • The change so made is to be saved by clicking on the “Apply” button

To change the admin password on the Netgear router, the following steps are to be followed:

  • After accessing the above-mentioned web page, the default user id and password are to be types
  • As the homepage displays, the user needs to access the “Set password” option from Advanced > Administration
  • The password changing window will be displayed where the user will be able to reset the password.

Some common issues faced by Netgear users

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For the above issues, Netgear user directly contacts Netgear technical support team or contact Netgear toll free or helpline number.

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