How Can I Recover My old Gmail Account Without Phone Number and Recovery Email?

December 13, 2021

Learn the ways to recover an old Gmail account without a phone number and Recovery email

Gmail account provides you valuable details for the best email service with its genuine user ID and password on its official sign-in page. It is a free webmail account widely used by several users worldwide. If you want to get vital support for your old Gmail account, which you want to quickly access, you need to know some of the crucial details that you can utilize to recover your Google-based email account correctly.

How to Recover Your Google Account Accurately?

When recovering your old Gmail account, you should have appropriate information for verification resources like email, phone number, and security questions. Still, if you don't have one verification resource, try a different option and get back your Google account quickly. Hence, if you ask “how to recover your Google Account or Gmail”, it will be essential to go for the verification resources that you can try adequately. Still, you can approach the recovery process without a phone and recovery email, go for the tips accordingly.

  • First, visit the Gmail account sign-in page and enter a specific user ID and password to access its official sign-in page.
  • If you cannot access it, click on the forgot password button and go to the recovery page, where you can select a security question.
  • When you don't have a phone number and recovery email, use the security questions and answer the required fields correctly.
  • Get a recovery link allows entering the new password into both the new and confirm passwords fields at the end of the task.

How to Recover a Long-Lost Gmail account?

When you don't use your Gmail account every day and forget to use your Gmail account after a long time, there might be a chance to forget the Gmail ID and password quickly. Hence, if you are trying to recover your long-lost Gmail account, you should have the proper guidance that, how do I recover a long-lost Gmail account and get the assistance at your required time quickly. 

Get Started to Recover a Long-Lost Gmail Account:

  • First, ensure you have tried to access your long-lost Gmail account using its user ID and password and move to the next.
  • If you cannot access it, ensure you have entered the valid credentials and select forgot password and check the message there.
  • View an error message there and select the recovery tab for your longer-lost Gmail account and enter the phone number.
  • Get a verification code on your phone, need to enter into the required fields and view a recovery link on the next page.
  • Enter the new password into both the new and confirm password filed and go to the log-in tab to access your long-lost Gmail account quickly at the end.   

How to Recover a Gmail Account Without an Old Phone Number?

If you want to know “how to recover a Gmail account without an old phone number”, you must go through the trick provided by the expert.

  • At first, ensure you have tried to access your Gmail account using the correct credential, but click on the forgot password button if you can't access the forgot password button.
  • Go to the recovery page and select the alternate email address to enter when you lost an older or registered mobile phone.
  • Get the recovery link to enter the new password into both the new and confirm password fields at the end of the task

For additional information for your older Gmail account, feel free to contact the tech support team to assist you at your suitable time quickly. 

How to Recover Forget Gmail Password?

Gmail is one of the Google services which provides its customers and users the access to send mail directly through it. Users need to create an account to use the software. Many users sometimes forget their account passwords. They must ask questions related to How to Recover Forget Gmail Password. There are many ways by which the users recover their password that is as follows:

Gmail has a few different ways to confirm your identity and recover the users' passwords. 

  1. Go to the Gmail sign-in page on devices with a good internet connection. There will be an option of 'forgot password on that page.' Click on that option.
  2. The next page will appear on the screen. It will ask questions related to the previous password and say to enter it. 
  3. If the user doesn't know the password, tap on the 'try a different question' option.
  4. The user needs to enter the secondary email account or phone number they used while setting up the account. 
  5. Gmail will send password reset mail or text message. Enter the code.
  6. A new page will appear to create a new password. Please create a new password that should be strong and not be used, and re-enter the password when asked. 

If the users want to reset their Gmail password, they can follow the steps given below:

  1. Firstly, users need to log in to their Gmail page using their devices with a good internet connection. Enter the Gmail Account Id and click on the 'Forgotten password' option. 
  2. Please enter the last password they remember and click on the Next button. Keep in mind; this doesn't have to be their most recent password, any prior login credentials related to this account will let them move to the next step of the procedure. 
  3. Now, check the backup email or text messages. Users will get an email with a 6-digit verification code. Enter the code and reset the password, which should be strong enough not to get detected by the hackers.

They can also contact the customer service team of Gmail. By contacting the Gmail customer service phone number, users can find solutions to their problems. The above-given methods are how the users can recover their Gmail account.

How Can I Contact Google to Recover my Gmail Account?

If you have lost your Google account and wish to recover it, you need to contact its representatives as they provide you the much-needed assistance you require from its representatives. You can contact google to recover your Gmail account within a given period that provides you with the most effective services to all their customers within a given frame of time, ensuring its services are fully utilized as per the effective range of services the Gmail account will provide you the best services within its range. 

Ways of How do I Contact Google to Recover my Gmail Account?

Via the Phone Number of the Gmail account.

  • You can dial their toll-free numbers and get the most appropriate services, and you do have to listen to their IVR options and get connected through them. 
  • Dial 1 to know about the Gmail account services. 
  • Dial 2 to know about the Gmail services of google. 
  • Dial 3 to know about the recovery password of google. 
  • Dial 9 speaks to a live representative and gets the answers to all your general queries, which you require from its customers. 
  • You can raise your queries to them, and they provide you the most convenient or much affected to their customers. 
  • You can dial their number and get the most effective services from google representatives. 

Live Chat Representatives of the Gmail Account

Live chat representatives of the Gmail account provide you with the most effective services. You can post your query because they have provided you with ways to easily contact the effective team of the Gmail account and easily recover your Gmail account. 

Steps to get connected through the live chat representatives.

  • Firstly, visit the official browser of the Gmail account or google account. 
  • Next to it, you will find the window which says contact us. 
  •  You have to raise your concerns in the chat window with the live representatives. The representatives (liza ) will assist you as you have posted your query to them as per their preferences and choices of the google customer service, which provides you the most effective services within a given period.

Email Services of the Gmail account/Google Account 

You can compose your mail and make sure you raise your concerns to them on which all their representatives will revert you shortly as per their desires and liking which provides you the most effective services within a given range of time. 

You can drop your mail on the official id of the representatives that provide you very effective or suitable services to all the customers of google if they wish to recover the Gmail account, which makes sure all your queries are fully answered. 

Apart from the email services, the Gmail customer support number does provide you the much-needed assistance you require from its assistance. The representatives make sure all your queries are correctly answered, and you do have to get its services within a given period. 

Social Media Support of the Gmail Account. 

Social media is another platform to raise your concerns and get the services per your desires and needs. There are end numbers of the social forum through which you can easily get its services such as Facebook, Twitter, or other important forums on which you can raise your concerns to them. 

You can raise your concerns or query in the given box and ensure you get the services per your desires and needs. 

Does Gmail Have a Customer Chat Support Number?

Gmail users can stick to multiple ways to get help and support with Gmail-related complications and problems. If you are unable to access your Gmail account or have trouble accessing your emails then you could simply connect with someone from the customer support services offered at Google for help. 

Does Gmail Have a Customer Chat Support Number? 

  • Chat support is available in the Gmail application and users can find ample support and assistance with things concerning their Gmail account. 
  • Users can reach the dedicated department at Google to find help with the services, products, and accounts by dialing the helpline number available on the official support page. 
  • Select the contact us section on the official help page to locate the live chat option for support.
  • Most of the customer services are free on Google Forums. 

How do I connect via live chat? 

  • Select the question mark option on the page to access the in-product live chat. 
  • You will find the contact us option on the page. Select live chat.

How To Get Gmail Customer Support Phone Number?

Learn how to get Gmail customer support phone number

Gmail account is used as a free webmail account by multiple users worldwide. It assists you in sharing huge attachments and heavy files that you can download on your device precisely. If you wish to share your queries with a live person, contact its customer representative team to assist you with the help of a customer service phone number.

How to get Gmail customer support phone number?

It is essential to secure your free webmail account. Still, if you find something technical error and you don't know how to fix it, you can talk to someone using its Gmail customer service phone number that you can use to share your queries with a live person at your suitable perfectly. 

Ways to get Gmail customer support phone number:

  • First, open an internet browser and go to the Gmail help center and enter the user ID and password to access.
  • Go to the contact page and select the communication mediums to select the phone number to talk.
  • You are always free to get the best Gmail customer service by dialing the phone number and getting support soon.
  • It will be pretty easy to share your phone number with clients after the subscription over a phone call at any time.

Thus, you can use a Gmail customer support phone number is available to assist you at your suitable time ideally. 

How to Restart Outlook Email in My iPhone

Restarting Outlook can become necessary when the privacy settings of your account are changed. Restarting is important because the Outlook services already running on your device can not automatically apply the new privacy settings. It might become confusing if you didn't make these changes yourself. If that's the case, there are two possibilities, one that your IT administrator made some necessary changes affecting your device. The second possibility is that you made changes on a different device synced to the device in question. Have a look at the given steps to resolve the issue.


  • Open Outlook on your iPhone.

  • Tap on your profile picture. You can find it at the top left corner of the app.

  • Tap and open the mail accounts tab.

  • Choose your account.

  • Go to the Reset Account option.

  • Click on it and select the OK option.

Generally, restarting and resetting sounds like the same process, but on an iPhone, resetting can help you restart the Outlook app; hence, resetting can mean different things depending upon the device and services. Once we choose to reset the app, it forces Outlook to restart it. While trying to solve the issue of "How to Restart Outlook Email in My iPhone?" it can be beneficial to check how many synced iOS devices you have. And then check if your Outlook account is synced across all those devices as well. Making changes in one can cause a glitch in another one if not updated properly.

Please take note of the following: If you end up resetting your Outlook to the factory settings, you will lose all of your account information. If this happens, you need to undo the resetting. 

If you are still facing issues with your Outlook service and need further assistance, you can visit Microsoft customer service directly. You can go through all the necessary information on their site or connect directly through the mail.


If you are still wondering how you can recover your google to recover your Gmail account, which provides you the most effective services within a given range of time, it makes sure all your answers are quickly answered. 

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