Change and Reset Telus Email Password

February 21, 2018

To reset your Telus password, you just added a recovery email address to your profile so you received a password reset link. To add a recovery email, you need to be able to login to webmail. If you do not know your password, Telus password recovery team will be happy to assist you.

Add a recovery email

Login to your webmail and you should add a recovery email. This can be any other email address to which you have access.

Steps to add a recovery email:-

  • Login to TELUS webmail.
  • Select Preferences.
  • Select Security (located on the left). Here, you will see two fields:


                    2.Contact Info

  • Enter your recovery email.
  • Select Save.

Reset your Telus password

To reset your Telus password online, a recovery email address must have been added to the account.

  • Navigate to TELUS webmail.
  • Select Forgot? (located on the right side of the Password field).
  • Enter your TELUS email address.
  • Confirm you are not a robot and select Submit.
  • A recovery link will be sent to your recovery email address.
  • Open your email, and now select Reset my password.

Note: The password reset link will only work once. If you missed this link or you didn't receive this link, you can restart the reset password process.

  • Enter a new password, ensuring it:

              1.Is at least 8 characters long
              2.Contains at least 1 number or 1 special character (!@#$%^&*)
              3.Contain at least 1 lowercase letter
              4.Contain at least 1 uppercase letter

  • Select Continue.
  • Once the password is reset, you will be redirected to
  • Log in using your new password and regular TELUS email address.

Change your password

  • First, log in to
  • Now navigate to the Preferences tab
  • Click General left-hand side, you should see the Sign In section. 
  • Click on Change Password 
  • Now new page appears. 
  • You will enter your old password along with the new password
  • Select Change password

Note: If you don't remember your password, please contact us at 1-844-260-7869 to reset your password

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