how do i install canon pixma ts9520 printer

January 19, 2021

Step 1
  1. Make sure that the printer is turned on.
  2. Press & hold the [Wi-Fi] button on the top of the printer until the alarm lamp flashes once.
  3. Make sure that the lamp next to this button starts to flash blue and then go to your access point and press the [WPS] button within 2 minutes.

How do I install my Canon Pixma printer without the CD?

Begin the Installation Process

Windows – Open 'Control Panel' and click 'Devices and Printers'. Click 'Add a Printer' and the system will begin seeking the printer. When the printer you are looking to install is displayed, select it from the list and follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I manually install a Canon printer?

  1. With the printer turned on, press the Setup button.
  2. In the Setup menu, Wi-Fi setup is the first option. 
  3. In the Wi-Fi setup menu, press the right arrow until Manual connect appears.
  4. The printer will search for nearby wireless networks. 
  5. You will be prompted to enter your network password.

How do I setup my Canon Pixma printer?

Start wireless setup
  1. Option 1: Send the router information directly to the printer from a mobile device. 
  2. Option 2: Use the Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY app for Android and iOS® devices.
  3. Option 3: Use the WPS Push Button method.
  4. Option 4: Enter a WPS PIN code to connect a device.

How do I connect my Canon Pixma printer to my laptop via USB?

Steps To Connect A Canon Printer To Laptop:
  1. First of all, turn off your Canon printer and then insert the one end of the USB cable to your printer's connection panel.
  2. Now insert the other end of the USB cable to your laptop's USB port as per the place where the USB ports are located.

How do I connect my Canon Pixma printer to my Iphone?

Printing with AirPrint
  1. Check that your is printer turned on and connected to the local network (LAN).
  2. From the application software of your Apple device, tap the operation icon to display the menu options.
  3. From the menu options, tap Print.
  4. From Printer Options, select your printer.

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