How Do I Fix Error Code 014 on My Roku?

September 19, 2019

Roku, as you might know, is an online media player developed by an American company named Roku Inc. In other words, it is a streaming device which receives data through a WiFi connection and a wired connection. Further, the output data is transmitted via an audio cable or video cable on some of the models.

Indeed, Roku offers its users with the finest services but there are a few users who have encountered issues with their Roku device like error code 014. Luckily, one can easily resolve this issue in time by contacting the support by using simple troubleshooting solutions.

What is error code 014?

For the users who are not aware, Roku error 014 is a very common error which is also an error which hampers the performance of the Roku device. Error 014 is an issue which signifies that the Roku device is finding it tough to connect with the WiFi network. As you might know, Roku is a device which is designed in such a way that it automatically connects with the network and download the latest version of the software because of this error.

Fortunately, for the users facing this issue don’t need to worry as they can easily fix this issue in time by trying out some simple solutions. Further, the users can also try contacting the support for required help.

Fixing Roku error code 014

Well, fixing Roku error code 014.40 hotspot is very simple. All one needs is to follow some simple instructions and easily fix this issue in time. But, before heading on with the solutions, let’s know a bit about the cause of this issue.

  1. User entered wrong WiFi password
  2. The router is placed far away from the Roku device
  3. There is a network setting issue with the router
  4. Firewall or antivirus is blocking internet access

Now, how to resolve error code 014

1- Disable network pings

  1. For this process, the user is required to push the home button 5 times and press the forward button.
  2. Now, the user is required to press the Play button and press the rewind button again.
  3. After repeating the above consequently, the user can easily navigate to the secret screen menu.
  4. Further, the user is required to select disable network pings option.
  5. Then, the user needs to check if the issue is resolved or not.

2- Try connecting to another network

  1. Another way to fix this issue is by connecting the Roku device to another network.
  2. If not connected, then the user can try using another hooked device and try resolving the error 014.
  3. Further, if the device connects, it is suggested to the user to update the software to avoid other Roku errors.

Hence, this was the complete details on how one can resolve Roku error 014. Still, if the user is unable to fix this issue they can contact the support for required help.

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