Connect Roku with the Internet

August 9, 2017

Roku is series of digital media player set-top boxes which is basically manufactured by the Roku. This is one of the excellent devices for the unlimited entertainment for the users for which they are required first to connect with the internet service for all the time. Having pointed its basic information, sometimes a unique and unwanted problem occurs with the users and they remain shocked and scrutinized the cause of the problem and effort to fix that soon while thinking that what happened to my device.

This case actually happens with the several users when they indulge in performing any tasks with their devices and software. Mainly, when we got a new Roku device to all connected to the internet service and at times showing an error message that (sorry your Roku is in the disaster for connecting with the internet service). Actually, if you are one of the users of Roku then you probably noticed that it recognized the Wi-Fi and once when you put the password in the relevant field, later on, set up then it always connects with the internet service to complete all the pending tasks within a while.

But at the meantime, a major adversity circumstances arose when your internet does not work for your Roku device. At that time, you see that the red light on your device and it can’t be connected. Don’t be serious and give an opportunity to the proficient of Roku support, who makes sure capable of dealing with the problem thoroughly well. He is putting some guidance to come over from this situation in no time.

Steps if Roku is not connecting with the internet service.

  • First of all, log in your router and then enter the correct IP address in your computer system to check the range of the IP.
  • An admin page will be open where you are required to enter the correct email address and password.
  • Click on the log in button and then check out the subnet mask, and then one is logged on then navigate to its DNS service.
  • If find any fault with that then replace the internet DNS address with the public IP address like to and press Enter.
  • Now save the settings of the DNS server and then run the Roku setup once again.
  • Hope fully this time you can have a deep breath if it is running fine. But still having an issue and not connecting with the internet service then bounce then unplug the router and check it comprehensively.
  • Afterward, check again DNS settings and set up it correctly. If the process is done fine then you are here to work with this router perfectly without noticing the face of the issue.  

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