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January 4, 2018

Roku Techincal Support & Customer Service Number:

Phone Number:+1 (855) 925-7084  

Working Hour: 24/7 technical support and 90 days email reply


Contact Roku Support: 

Service: How to: Using your Roku, Roku not working, Password reset/recovery, Setup & Install and all kind of issues

Roku Product:- Roku TV, Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Streaming Stick+, Roku Ultra

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Get details for the process to setup Roku and Roku streaming stick !!

Roku is termed as one of the most utilized streaming players that is available as a SetUp box in the market. Roku Inc. is the parent company of Roku streaming devices that enables the user to stream their favorite videos and movies on it. It is also termed as a computerized media channel for various videos that the user can make use of it for their leisure time.

Roku can be streamed on internet connections but using it on Wi-Fi will be better for the user. Besides, Roku TV can be set up with certain steps and also the Roku streaming stick can be easily be configured by the user.

How to setup your Roku TV?

To set up Roku TV, user's can use the Set-Up box and can process the setting up of Roku TV. For doing this, the user's need to follow certain steps that are mentioned below. The steps for this are easy and will enable the user to set up the Roku TV and further, they can stream videos on it.

Therefore, mentioned below are the steps to setup Roku TV with the use of Set-Up box :

Step 1:- First of all the user need to give a check on the ports provided at the back of the Roku device.

  • All Roku devices have different ports at the back of the device and this only determines the type of connection it will have to connect to the TV. 
  • There are three types of ports that each Roku device have namely HDMI ports, Ethernet ports and Optical connection. So, the user should check which port their Roku device is having and then only should make the connections. 
  • The old Roku devices have A/V connectors that can also be used for the connections.

Step 2:- Once the user has decided for their ports they now need to look for the connection ports on their TV.

  • This connection point should be the highest matching port so as to make the connections in the best way. 
  • If the user wants the connection for the HDTV then they should go for the HDMI ports available on the TV. 
  • These connection ports are at the back and in rare cases, these are on the front side of the Roku TV.
  • Besides, if user’s TV doesn’t have the HDMI ports then they should get an external cable for the connections.

Step 3:- Now make connections of Roku with the HDMI cable of TV.

  • The HDMI cable that the user is utilizing for making the connections should be long enough to reach from Roku to the TV. 
  • On the other hand, if the user is utilizing A/V cables then they should match the color of the cable plugs and the colors of the connectors for making the further connections. 
  • While connecting the user need to note down the input label so that the correct input is used.

Step 4:-The user then needs to connect their Roku devices to the power outlet. The user can make use of the power adapter and can connect it to the wall power outlets.

Step 5:-Further, the user then needs to put the batteries in the Roku remote and can access their channels with the use of it. The new Roku comes with two AA batteries that can be inserted into the remote.

Step 6:-The user then is supposed to turn their TV on and should then click on the correct inputs. For doing this they can select the INPUT option and with that, they can select the HDMI settings for Roku.

Step 7:- Further, pair the remote with Roku and then select the language option. The language option can be changed in the future if the user wants to do so.

Step 8:-Now the setup process needs to be started by the user and for this, they need to click on Let’s get started option on the remote.

Step 9:-Then, connect to the network and install any available updates to upgrade it. Also, the user needs to link their Roku to their Roku account so as to sync them both. The user also needs to activate their Roku and for this, they should make use of the code that is mentioned on the screen.

Step 10:-Further, the user needs to go to and should enter the code so as to link the account with Roku. Users can also make their account pin for further accessing the account. Lastly, the user can add channels and can watch videos.

How to setup Roku Streaming Stick?

On the other hand,  if the user has a Roku streaming stick and they are willing to connect it or set it up then for this they need to follow the below-mentioned steps. The steps for setting up Roku streaming stick are somewhat same as on TV but then also there is a bit difference between the two. Therefore, steps for Roku streaming stick are as followed :

  • First of all the user need to connect Roku stick with the HDMI port of the TV as the Roku sticks can only be connected to the HDMI ports. The stick should be inserted straight and the user should also note the input label.
  • Then, the user is required to connect the USB cable to the power adapter of the TV.
  • Further, the AA batteries that the user get with their Roku devices should be inserted into the remotes.
  • Now, the TV should be switched on and the user should further select the HDMI input that is correct for that port.
  • Once the Roku is booted the user need to pair the remote so as to use it with the Roku stick.
  • Further, select on menu language and start the set up of Roku devices.
  • For this user should set up their account for Roku and then they should connect to the wireless network.
  • Also, the user needs to download as well as install the updates if there is any.
  • Link the Roku stick with the account and then make a pin for further setting up the account.The user then can add various channels and can access any channel that they want.

Besides, the user can even contact the Roku technical support for getting more details regarding the above-mentioned steps. The technical team is trained experts available for 24 hours for the help and support of the user.


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