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October 4, 2017

The Internet has impacted deeply on our life. It has opened a Pandora box in the digital world. It’s not only a medium to interact or exchange thoughts but also a mean to carry out a financial transaction, search information as well as a perfect tool to get news, entertainment and connected with the social network.  There is plenty of sites serving plenty of purposes. One such site which shares a lot of information is called “YouTube ‘’.

YouTube Phone Number +1 650-253-0000

There are 3 places where you and gets your HELP button to contact the customer service.

  • You can go to the bottom and click on ‘Help‘.
  • Click on the ‘Send Feedback’
  • Click ‘Contact Us’ option on the top

Get customer support help to fix the issue

YouTube is one of the video sharing platforms where people across the world upload, download and view various of videos. It was invented in the year 2005 byJawedd Karim finally takeover by Google in 2006. There are thousands of videos uploaded to YouTube on different topics and categories every minute. There are plenty of music videos, movies, video clips, documentary, podcast, personal videos as well as video blogging. User across the world logs into the website and creates their own account as well as uploads the videos.

But sometimes user do face many issues like during uploading a video, sharing one video or copyrights issues, one of the commons among them is how to contact customer care in case of any issues. One can use either of services whether it's ways to contact YouTube customer care in order to fix the issue:

YouTube Customer Service: In order to resolve any problem one can directly take the help of their customer care by going to the following website Here one will get all the contact information of the Youtube service.

YouTube Help Centre: In case of any major help related to support, one can just type in the web browser the following web address The above link mentioned contains all the supportive information related to YouTube accounts and its functions. One can resolve once issue based on the search result of the queries.

YouTube office Contact Details
YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066
Phone: +1 650-253-0000 | Fax: +1 650-253-0001

Since YouTube is a part of the Google and so one contacts to the headquarters of the Google within your region or country in order to fix your issue. One can visit their websites to know more about their various headquarters across the world.  Google and their team will make sure that your problem is resolved on an immediate basis. 


hey my name Jackie bush, About 2 week ago my husband was trying to look at a move on you tube. buy one move and triend to get it again I change him 2 time for 17.50 out fo my bank acct. I need somone to call me at 817-716-6995 thank you

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