Google contacts not syncing

June 20, 2018

Why is the Google Contacts not syncing?

Is your Google contact not syncing? Some users sometimes get Google contacts not syncing error whenever they try to add new contacts on your Android phone. Well, the problem generally occurs whenever a user tries to configure a new phone or adds a secondary account on it. It is, however, a frustrating issue. If you are really looking forward to getting the solution to the problem, we request you to be with us for a few minutes. We have come with an extended range of troubleshooting methods that are simple and easy-to-execute.

Confirm Google Contacts sync is turned on

  • Open Google
  • Click on Settings; open it
  • Now you will have to select Accounts
  • Click on Google
  • Select your account
  • Now you need to make sure that the Contacts is checked
  • Is the sync turned on?
  • Turn it off and on a few times

Confirm Android-Sync is turned on

  • Open the Home screen of your Android mobile
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Select Data usage; click on Menu
  • Here you will need to confirm that the Auto-sync data is checked
  • Is the sync turned on?
  • Turn it off and on a few times

Clear app cache, data for Google Contacts

  • Open Google
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Select Applications Manager (or Apps)
  • Now you will need to Swipe to All
  • Choose Contact sync
  • Select Clear cache and clear data
  • It will clear up the cache and data for Google Contacts

Remove your Google Account, set up again

  • Open Google
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Select Accounts
  • Now you are urged to click on Google
  • Select your account
  • Choose Remove account
  • At last, you are supposed to re-establish the account

Is your background data enabled?

Have you restricted your background data? If yes, you should know that some of the apps and services will not work unless you are connected to Wi-Fi. You can do this by navigating to Settings, selecting Data Usage, and clicking on Menu. Here you are supposed to make sure that the Restrict background data is not selected.

Merge Accounts

  • Open Contacts; click on Menu
  • Then you will have to select Contacts to Display
  • Plus, select the blue phone icon called Device
  • The contacts on your phone will appear
  • Click on the Menu icon again
  • Select Merge Accounts
  • It will enable you to select Merge with Google option
  • All your contacts will be merged with Google
  • Go back to select the Menu icon again
  • Select Contacts to display and All contacts
  • You will see all your contacts this time

How to get in touch with the support engineers?

You won’t face any challenge in connecting the tech support engineers as they are offering their services via multiple means. The phone support, backed by a helpline number, is regarded as the topmost method of availing any support. It is followed by email support and chat support which is based on written communication. The entire ways boast by Google helpline are less time-consuming and highly reliable.

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