Adding Channels to Your Roku Device

May 18, 2018

Ever since the Roku player launch in 2012, it has made the whole world fond of it and the reason is worth it. This device enables its users to access a plethora of channels including Pandora, HBO GO, DISCOVER NOW, Crackle, NBC, FOX, etc. But initially, this player comes up with only a dozen Roku channels such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. as these channels are built-in. If you want to add any other channel of your choice, then first, you need to add them from its channel library or store.

There are two types of channels available which you can add to your Roku device: Public or Private Channels. Adding a public channel is comparatively easy than adding a private channel (because they need code).  Let’s discuss the steps of how to add them or you can contact Roku Customer service team

How to Add Public Channel on Roku?

Step1: Go to Roku’s Home Page.

Step2: Go to Streaming Channel> open the Channel Store.

Step3: Search your desired channel either by scrolling or just by typing its name.

Step4: If you want to collect some other information about your selected channel. Press the OK button on your remote.

 Step5: If the channel is free then simply press the ADD CHANNEL button to install it.

Step6: If the channel is paid, then select BUY option to purchase and install the channel.

Step7: Now enter your Roku account password or PIN. And if you do not have a PIN, generate it first.

Step8: Once you have completed the procedure. Simply press Add Channel and enjoy streaming. 

How to add private Channels on Roku?

Step1: Go to your Roku Account> Enter the accurate credential.

Step2: Go to My Account Page.

Step3: Click Add Channel> Enter the channel code> Click Add Channel.

Once added to the channel it will not immediately appear on your Roku device. It may be possible that you have to restart your device first in order to start streaming that newly added channel. Add your favorite channel and enjoy streaming your favorite movie, TV shows, and video to your TV screen.

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