How to Resolve activating issue Roku streaming device

November 23, 2017

Your Roku account stores as to what all Roku streaming devices you have and which channels you have presented, and furthermore your preferences and regular settings. It's a basic requirement to have a perfectly validated Roku email address related because of your Roku account keeping the true objective to manage your record and to get key record notifications. 

To activate Roku streaming player or Roku TV, you must be linked to your Roku account. Your Roku account has all information about which devices you own and which channels you have installed, as well as your settings and preferences. 

Before we go any further here are two important points to note:

  • There is never any charge for creating a Roku account.
  • Roku never puts a charge for your device’s activation.

During the activation process of your Roku streaming device, you will be mandated to go to the official website  via following the link on your computer or your smartphone and then you are supposed to enter the link code that is being displayed on your Roku device, e.g., “XD12G”.

This article focuses on troubleshooting the issues that you might experience during the linking process of your Roku device.

ISSUE 1:- User gets an error when trying to enter the link code given on the website

If you get an error after logging in the link code, try putting the code a second time very carefully. There may have been a possibility of a typo error or some other issue that may have crept in such as a transitory network or a system error.

In case this does not give a solution to the issue:

  • Go back to your Roku device, hold the star button given on your Roku device’s remote and then click on Get a new code option.
  • Once you see the new link code being displayed, return to the URL and enter your new code.

ISSUE 2:- User entered the provided link code, but the Roku device won’t work on the link code’s screen

Occasionally it can take a moment in order to complete the activation process of your device, so please be patient for a few minutes. On an off chance the Roku device carry on to show the screen with the given link code, try to fix it with these steps:

  • Make sure that you have finished all the steps that are given on the website in order to activate your Roku device successfully.
  • In case you see the messages such as“Error 001” and the message of “not connected” in the upper right corner of your TV screen, it can mean that your Roku device is probably not linked to any network.
  1. Click on Try Again.
  2. If that also does not work, read on what you can do if you are not able to connect to your home’s network or any internet network for that matter.


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