Connect Roku TV to DirecTV Now

November 25, 2017

Television is for entertainment. Many channels, hundreds of shows, movies etc. etc.The shows telecast happened at a particular time. In this time of busy schedules of people, they cannot watch these shows and movies at that particular time. So many companies have manufactured services "On Demand" channels, shows and movies. This happens with the help of a set-top box.

Some companies are providing the shows and movies online. So there is a streaming of videos and person can enjoy it without downloading it and that too at a very affordable cost. Roku is such a company which is into designing and developing set-top boxes, remotes and other devices which can help in streaming of shows and videos at a very fast rate.

Direct TV is a television service which provides On Demand channels and shows and movies.It is an American service which provides a satellite dish, a receiver and the decoder box and an access card. All the channels provided are HD.  So a person has to pay for that what he willing to watch and not for all the channels.

Steps to connect Roku TV to DirecTV 

To install Direct TV on Roku device, the user just needs to have an account with Roku and have to follow few steps shown below :

  • Sign in the Roku account or if you are not registered then first, create a Roku account and then log in.
  • Go to Personal and Payment option.
  • Here, enter the subscription details of yours.
  • Click on the Submit button.
  • Now power on the Roku player and go Home.
  • From the Home menu, select Streaming Channels.
  • From the list, look for Direct TV and click on it.
  • Click on the button, Add Channel.
  • Now you can see the Direct TV channels in your player.

This way, now a person can enjoy more than 1000 channels, on-demand movies, shows, NetFlix, YouTube etc.  If the channels are not visible then go for an Update. If there is an issue then call the Roku Customer Service Phone Number. The executives will provide all the guidance to the person regarding the subscription, payments, streaming etc. The service is 24/7 open so call at any time and ask the technicians about that.

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