Set Up or connect Roku TV

August 9, 2017

Roku TV is the smart device with a different function or features of a streaming player.By using a single interface, it gives access to a variety of entertainment sources such as cable box, game console and channels like Netflix and Youtube. It is built with different screen sizes and picture quality.There are times when an individual will need help for this device, they can contact the support team immediately.  

A number of issues which have been solved by Roku support team.Here, individual could see the solution of one:-

Insert the batteries in remote control:

Remote control of Roku TV comes with matched batteries of the proper size.Users should open the back cover of the remote control and should insert the batteries.

There is now need to reattach the back cover.

Need to turn on the TV:

Below the TV screen, there is standby indicator light and it should be ON. It indicates that TV has power.

It now needs to press the power button on the Roku remote control and the indicator light will go OFF, the user will see the TV’s start-up screen. After waiting certain point of time, the first setup screen will appear now

Select the specific language

When the Roku TV will power on, by the first screen, individual will get the option to choose a language. The text and dialog appear within the Roku application will now display in the selected language.

Now, an individual could scroll up and down the list and press to choose a language.

Choose the specific country

To ensure that the TV which you are accessing has all features available in the country, choose the specific country where you are using the TV.

Choose home use
Until the time user is setting up their Roku TV for use as a store display, choose the Set up for the home user.

Get connected to the internet

It is required to choose the wireless network from the list of available networks and then enter the password. It is the same network that individual will use to connect the computer or smartphone to the internet.

Select option of “Show password” if the user wants to see the password.

Tap the option of Connect and the Roku TV will automatically connect to the internet.

Latest software should be downloaded

After connecting to the internet, Roku TV will download the latest version of Roku OS software and then reboot.

Need to create a Roku account

For the activation of the Roku TV, a new account needs to be created.

To activate the Roku TV, instructions will be displayed on the TV.

Connect all the devices properly

For the circumstances when the work has not been done, there is need to connect the devices, such as cable box, game console including the Blu-ray or DVD player, or VCR. There are conditions when Roku TV will be used with a soundbar or home theatre receiver, it is required to connect these as well.

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