Fix error establishing database connection in WordPress

May 18, 2017

Wordpress is a free open source content management application tool. WordPress use PHP and SQL for content based website design. Error Establishing a Database Connection is one of those curses that could be caused by many reasons. Ensure that you have sufficient backups before making any changes to the database. 

In this article, we mention some WordPress error and then provide some of the solutions you can use to remove those errors. First, you have to determine where the error is occurring and type of the error. You will get a message when WordPress is not able to establish a database connection.

Database connection message may appear because some of the problems like

Incorrect login details- If you enter invalid credentials like your username and password then wrong login details can “block” you from access your database.

Unresponsive database server – The server where your database resides could be dead or unresponsive or still recovering from an excess amount of traffic.

Corrupted WordPress files – There is a possibility that your WordPress file may be corrupted

Corrupted database –Using Bad plugins, data transfer interruptions may leave your database completely corrupted.

Troubleshooting Error Establishing Database Connection.

  • Ensure that you are getting the same error on both the front-end and the back-end of the site. If the error message is the same on both pages then try other methods. If you are getting a different error then you need to repair your database.
  • If you make changes in your root password or the database user password, then need to modify the wp-config file password as well.
  • If your host server just cannot handle the load then your site will get really slow So the best thing you should do a live chat with your hosting provider or call on WordPress helpline number and ask them if your MySQL server is responsive. Test on the other site if you are getting the same error then something is wrong with your MySQL server.

Your website is still down after following the above steps, it could be a problem on your host’s end. For the support call on WordPress toll-free number and provide all the details about the error and actions, you’ve taken to remove those errors, out team help you to determine the cause of the error and solution for the same.



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