Add Bcc Recipients in Outlook

May 8, 2017

Outlook is the official mailing service for the users of the Microsoft device users so in case you are using this service but you are not able to use its various features then you have to seek the right guidance from the Outlook customer support team. The people in this team are working continuously for the favor of users.

So in case, you want to send the outlook mail to a recipient but you do not want the other recipients to know about it then you can use the Bcc field of the mailing. It basically sends a copy of the email message to the recipients whose email address is hidden from others. So you can easily find it in the newer versions of the outlook.

In order to add the Bcc recipients to the outlook you have to follow the below-written steps very carefully:-

  • Now in order to send a message to Blind carbon copy (Bcc), you have to make sure that options Ribbon is ON while you are trying to compose a mail


  • After that just make sure that the Bcc is enabled in the show fields section


  • Now here you need to enter recipients whose address you want to hide from other recipients in the Bcc field
  • Here you also need to make sure that you enter at least one email address in the "To" field, this can be even your own address
  • Now this Bcc field is also useful when you want to send an email to the undisclosed recipients
  • One thing that needed to be considered here is that you can use this feature even when it is not visible
  • So for that, you have to click on the "To" while composing a mail
  • Followed by clicking on the Cc instead of pressing the Alt button
  • Now just find as well as highlight the desired recipient’s email address from the selected names dialog
  • After that just click on the "Bcc", followed by entering the desired email address followed by pressing OK button


  • Now you are done with sending such a mail which helps you in a situation where you want to send some mail to a Group where the members do not know each other.

In case you feel that these general steps do not help you since you use some other version of outlook then you need to call on the Outlook toll-free number to get the right assistance for your problem.

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