5 Best VPN Services for WordPress Users

September 7, 2017

VPNs have got much recognition because of the privacy and security concerns.In short, this can be called as a virtual private network.It helps in protecting your privacy and even secure your confidential information.

In case, If you’re looking for qualitative VPN services, then you approached at the right place. There may be some people who would be facing issues while using the VPN services.To get help in such circumstances, there is need to reach customer support team.

VPN and It’s Importance

VPN is basically the Virtual Private Network which would be helpful in securing the internet connection and even helpful in protecting your identity.Everybody is using the internet on multiple devices and that is from multiple locations.Sometimes, people use the internet from public internet spots.

The use of public WiFi could give hackers access to the personal information such as passwords, credit cards, browsing history, personal files, etc. Even there are chances to install malware on the WordPress site. There are chances that your social media profiles and your bank account information could be stolen.There could be even direct internet connection at your home or office and that could be used to view data transferred to and from your devices.

VPN helps you in giving secure internet connection and also protects your identity. By using it, individual will get the idea to browse the internet privately without any information leakage, just by using encryption from different countries with different IP addresses.By using this way, the user can bypass country specific content restrictions on the websites like Netflix, YouTube, BBC, etc.

VPN overall improves your WordPress security. If any user already using SSL on their WordPress site, then VPN completely hides users activities behind multiple encryption layers.

How VPN works for you?

  • It happens generally that all the internet traffic travels through different servers that are spread across the world. This traffic on the internet could be spied upon and then hackers and governments could see that which websites you are visiting, and even what you are doing online.
  • VPN basically creates a private network which acts as a point to point network between the computer and the VPN server.
  • For the time, when you request a website from your computer using a VPN, the VPN client encrypts your request and sends it to the VPN server.
  • The VPN server will request the information from the destination website and encrypts it before sending it back to the computer.
  • It will allow you to keep the internet connection secure and away from the snoopy eyes of hackers and from the internet service provider including the governments.

How could the user select the best VPN service?

There are numerous VPN service providers that are available for the users.But, not all of them offer the same level of security and privacy with ease of use.

Here is what user should see while using VPN service:-

  • The individual is required easy to use apps for all the devices, due to which user can quickly connect to the VPN, switch servers and change IPs without any major technical skills.
  • VPN services could be slow in case if the user wouldn’t have enough bandwidth to support faster connections for all the customers.The user is just required to select a company that has the infrastructure to support the faster connections.
  • There are numerous servers on multiple locations which mean you can choose servers from different countries that include different IPs. It will allow the user to switch from a slower server to a faster one.
  • Individual need to assure that the VPN service provider is offering the best layer of security to protect the privacy which means that, not keeping logs and using layers of encryption for all the data transfers.

What is the five best VPN service for the users?


  • IPVanish has been known as one of the popular VPN service providers in all over the world.
  • Basically, they offer most easy to use VPN service which could be easily used by beginners as well as experts.
  • It allows users to easily connect to their private secure network and even have apps for all popular mobile and desktop platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.


  • This is the another top VPN service provider having more than twelve thousand customers from all around the world.
  • The network has been spread across twenty-four countries and in forty-seven cities.
  • It offers the highest quality standard encryption having no bandwidth caps for all their accounts.
  • StrongVPN also offers StrongDNS service that will allow the user to bypass censorship without compromising with the speed or using encryption.


  • It is one of the popular VPN service providers which has the huge network of seven hundred sixty-five worldwide server locations in fifty-eight different countries.
  • This comes with easy to use apps for all the devices allowing you to connect to VPN instantly.
  • An individual may switch between geographic locations without revealing identity and individual may connect up to six devices at the same time using different servers and geographic locations.


  • It is the another VPN service provider having a strong network of one hundred forty-five locations in more than ninety-four countries.
  • It helps users in availing industry standard encryption to protect privacy and keep the internet secure.
  • Usually, it comes with easy to use apps for different platforms and devices.
  • It offers users with unlimited server switching which will help you to hop from one geolocation.


  • It is the great VPN service along with all such features that you need for rock solid online privacy and security.
  • The huge network of OverPlay consists of more than six hundred fifty servers which have been spread across more than seventy locations in fifty countries.
  • It also offers an industry standard encryption to secure user internet access with a zero-logs policy to ensure privacy.

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