5 Major Uses of Gmail Account

January 24, 2018

Gmail is termed as one of the best emailing domain provided by Google for email services. Also, this email service is world famous for its features and has millions of people as its user's. With the use of Gmail, one can not only send and receive emails but can also chat with one another and can archive their messages and emails safely. Users can also use their Gmail account on their phones with the Gmail application and can even sync their phone contacts with their Gmail accounts.

On the other hand, users can easily access their Gmail account by entering the sign in credentials i.e the username and the password in the login menu. Besides, if the user still not has their Gmail account, then they can simply follow the Gmail account making steps and further they can start accessing their Gmail account.  

Get to know about 5 major uses of Gmail account !!

There are various advantages of having a Gmail account as it can be used for several purposes. Some of the main purposes of accessing Gmail account are as followed :

1.For Emailing:

With the use of Gmail account, one can send and receive emails from their Gmail account and can fulfill their mailing task. For sending an email the user needs to follow the below-mentioned steps :

  • Firstly, the user needs to sign in to their Gmail account with the username and the account password. 
  • Then, select the compose option mentioned in the left panel of the user's Gmail account page. 
  • After the compose option is selected, the user will get a box in which they need to provide the details about the message that they want to send. 
  • In the “To” option the user need to enter the email address of the person to whom they are sending the email. In the subject column, the user needs to enter a brief about the message. 
  • Below is the user needs to enter the subject of the email. 
  • If the user is willing to send an attachment with the mail, then they are required to select the paperclip like icon and browse the system to select the item for attachment. 
  • Once the user gets the particular item, they need to select on choose and open the item to upload it to the email. 
  • When the message is ready to send, then the user is required to select the send button so as to send the email.

2.For Chatting:

Gmail account can also be used by the user for their instant chatting purpose. The chatting option of Gmail is called as Google hangouts that can also be used by signing in to the Gmail account. Once the user signs in, they’ll get the option of sign in to chat on the left side of the account below the inbox, draft options. For accessing the Gmail chatting service, user's can follow these steps :

  • Firstly, sign in to Gmail account with the correct username and password. 
  • Then select on the sign in into chat menu available on the left side of the user's Gmail account page. 
  • There the user can even change their chat status and can update it whenever they want to. 
  • Further, the user can chat with their contacts whose email address they have added to their chat options. 
  • If the user wants to add an email address then they need to enter the particular email account in the search box and then should select the icon that says add an invite. 
  • Once that receiver accepts the user's invitation they’ll get added to the user's chat box.

3. Archiving the emails: 

By archiving the emails the user can manage their emails and can use it efficiently the way they want to. For managing the emails, these steps need to be followed :

  • For deleting, archiving the emails, firstly the user need to click on that particular email. 
  • They will then get the options to move, copy, forward, delete or archive the emails. 
  • Users can also mark the email as a spam if they feel that the contents of that mail are malicious and contains virus that can harm their systems. 
  • For moving the email to any different folder other than the inbox, the user needs to select on that mail and they should click on more option. The user will then get various options for the same.

4. Maintaining contacts:

With the use of Gmail account, one can also manage their contacts. The contacts that are saved in Gmail account and also in the phones can be managed by Gmail. To manage the contacts follow these instructions:

  • Select on contacts option in the Gmail account page mentioned at the left side of that particular page. 
  • For adding any particular contact to groups select on any two contacts that need to be added to the group. 
  • Once the plus sign will be selected, users will get an option to name the group. 
  • Further, the user can even send their contacts as an attachment in the emails. 
  • The group can also be deleted at any time by the user.

5. Various more Gmail users: 

Apart from all the above-mentioned uses of Gmail :

  • The user can also utilize their Gmail account for getting the updated news. 
  • Users can also manage their display of their emails and can change the look of their email account with various provided themes. 
  • Gmail also can be used for making calls.

Therefore, these are some of the basic and major uses of Gmail for which the user can access their Gmail account. Many users didn’t have any idea about the above-mentioned features and were only limited to sending and receiving emails. But, now they can use it for various more purpose and can get the best features of their Gmail account.


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