Back Up Your Gmail Account

January 27, 2018


Gmail is the prime webmail services that are provided to the user and the fast speed of sending emails is an important factor for the users. As users are having a possibility of errors and can get resolved by contacting Google customer service.

The importance of using Gmail is the not only the fast speed of sending mail to the recipient but also having larger storage space to store the data and hence helps the user. Another caliber of the Gmail is to do the video conferencing easily than the other email browsers. The impact that creates a precedence is the security of data and credentials of the user. The messages that are received via email in the inbox, or saved into the saved folder and the messages that are sent through the sent emails are autosave in the respective folders. The encryption of the data at the higher end is indulged and security layers are implemented with types of layering and this gives an eventual effect on the user.

When user want to do the backup of the data and cannot able to do so on the mobile or tablet than certain instruction must get followed up to get the complete recovery of input/data

Steps to Back Up Your Gmail Account

  • Open your Google account page
  • User must sign in to the Login page and then enter the credentials
  • User now go to the “Personal and privacy control” icon where the user can manage the functionalities of the work as an initial process that can to be carried
  • User must go the option of controlling the content in which the content can get the backup easily
  • User now go to the content management process
  • User now select to create the archive so that the separate folder gets created and the recovery does not have any issue
  • Now user must select all emails or according to the priority of the user select the prior emails that want to be backed up
  • Now by continuing the process user must download the data of emails with ease and the format of the emails can be downloaded in a certain format either in zip(zipped) in which data can load into smaller sized files or any other desired options that are seen on the onscreen instructions
  • The user must select the Zip file to extract the emails for easier usage
  • The size of the archive folder must get selected by the user either it will be 1 GB to 60 GB so that enough emails can get stored of the user
  • Now after selecting the size of the space in GB and selecting zip as  a file storing archive of email
  • Now user can save the data of backup of email via sending email to the cloud server as an online data and data can get stored in the one drive of google so that the data can never replace and the loss of data is avoided

Thus, the customer support team of Gmail helps the user to get instant help from the support team of experts that resolve and gives the rectification of the issue in simple steps. The latest zeal of giving the high and end to end priority to the user makes an admirable state and this practice of the Gmail helps the user to use the services more quickly and efficiently. The worthier growth of liability that helps the essentiality of the user and the security of data is the mean importance for the user. The quick access to store the messages instantly which has a greater effect to use services of Gmail.



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