How to Contact Google Customer Service

January 19, 2018

Easy Way to Contact Google Customer Service

The quickest, and most direct way to talk to “Google” (or rather, a phone rep), is to navigate to Google’s support site. Then select the service you're having trouble with. After this, select “Contact Us” in the top right.

Contact our support team
  1. In the top left corner, tap Menu. Contact us.
  2. Choose the issue you need help with.
  3. Select a contact option from the list.

Worldwide Country Number

  1. United States: +1-805-468-7961
  2. United Kingdom: +44 (0)20-7031-3000
  3. India: +91-80-67218000
  4. Mexico: +52 55-5342-8400
  5. Canada: +1 514-670-8700
  6. Germany: +49 30 303986300
  7. Russia: +7-495-644-1400

About Google

Your Google account is the Gmail account that you have and is used to you use to send and receive emails with Gmail, watch YouTube videos and download apps from Google Play store. The Google account of yours has a username and a password with which you are authenticated to be the owner of that Google account. As per Google’s latest policies, you only require one Google account for all your Google products and services. This is great as you don’t need to use different passwords for different accounts.

Your Google account data is securely stored in one of the huge Google servers and whenever you face any issue with your Google account, you can contact the Google customer service team. They will listen to your issues and problems that you are facing with your Google account and will get back to you with a proper resolution. Now there are various ways in which you can contact Google customer support to explain your issues. The various ways are discussed below along with the process to contact Google.

How do you report a problem to Google?

Report a problem
  1. Do a search on Google.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the results page.
  3. Tap Feedback.
  4. Enter a description of the issue you're seeing.
  5. If you want, you can include a screenshot of the page you're looking at.
  6. Tap Send

7 links that will tell you what Google knows about you

  • History – Here is your entire Google search history.
  • Ads – Here is what Google thinks what your interests are and shows you ads based on these interests.
  • Dashboard – An activity page that tells you about all the Google services you are using.
  • Takeout – Export every information Google knows about you.
  • Permissions – You can see here what permissions you gave to the extensions and sites you use.

What Are the Common Issue's which you want to file with Google Support team via Toll-free Number

  • Google app not working
  • Google search not working on google chrome
  • Google not opening
  • Google image not updating 
  • Black screen on Google Chrome
  • Video is not playing on Google Chrome
  • Google chrome crash
  • Internet is not working on google chrome
  • Google maps not working
  • Google drive is not uploading 
  • Google account not syncing contacts

4 Way To Contact Google Customer Service

1) Contacting Google via Phone:

You can call Google directly via a phone. Various Google support numbers are available as per the local Google office. Google has offices in almost all the countries of the world and hence you can simply dial the Google number of your respective country. You can call the Google headquarters support number as well. You can also request a call back from Google very easily.

Below are the steps to contact Google via Phone

  • Simply go to and go to Contact us.
  • Here enter your number under the section of Request a callback and then within few minutes, you will be connected to the customer support executive who will listen to your issue and provide a resolution.
  • Sometimes, it may take some time for a Google customer executive to be available in order to assist you with your issue. For that case, you need to be patient enough to wait for the callback.

2) Contacting Google by Asking for a Reverse call back:

You can ask Google to call you if you do not wish to contact Google on your own. For this,

  • Then choose the product with which you are facing an issue. It should be kept in mind that not all Google products will have the phone support, hence, you should be particular in choosing the product with which you are facing an issue to be contacted via phone and request a callback to explain your issue to the Google customer support executive.
  • After making a choice of the product with which you have an issue, simply select “Contact Us or Get Help” option which will be given on top-right corner of the web page. For some of the product, you will be required to choose an issue much before you can ask the Google support team for a callback. Hence, you should choose the issue that is closely associated with your problem.
  • After making the selections, just Click on Request callback option and then a blue phone icon will appear in front of it along with the time estimate of how much you have to wait for Google to contact you. Now once the time has expired, you will be prompted to type your phone number and name.
  • After this, describe your problem in short and click on Call Me option. Then Google will call you on the number you entered by you and then a customer support executive will get back to you with the resolution after again asking you some questions regarding your issue

On the Web Requesting Chat or email

  • Click on a product.Not each and every product offer phone support.So which product you have an issue will determine whether or not you can request a callback.
  • Click Contact Us or Get help top-right corner of the page.
  • Click request chat or email support
  • Fill out the required information
  • Click submit

3) Contacting Google by asking questions in online Help Forum: 

There are many help forums from Google which can be used as a platform to contact Google customer support for help. You can request Google Customer support for anything you wish using this platform. The process is simple:

  • If you wish to use the Google Help Forum to explain your issues in order to solve them,
  • Then select the product with which you require any help with.
  • It must be kept in mind that the help forums have hundreds of questions which can be read to find a solution to your problem if it matches with any. You can use the search option for the same.
  • You can type in some keywords related to your issue and check for the answers.
  • If your issue is not present there, you can create a new topic and add a new issue.
  • Experts will answer your questions. You must ensure that you explain your issue in details since it is required by the expert to be able to answer your query in the most suitable way.
  • You can also add the error and warning if facing any for a better perspective of your issues.
  • Click Post

4) Contacting Google support for Press or Event Inquiries:

If you wish to get in touch with Google for certain press or event inquiries, then:

  • You can navigate to via your web browser. This is the platform where Google releases all its press releases and information regarding the same. Make sure that you are a member of the press if you wish to use this platform.
  • Only the press release and public information sent by Google will be available here. No private information regarding the individual will be available on this platform. You can also send an email at It is actually the most convenient way to contact Google for press related events. You can also contact Google via press hotline number which is toll-free. But for that also, you must be a press member.

You can feel free to contact Google customer service and Google technical support in case of any issues you face while using any Google products. Google customer support is dedicated to solving your queries in an efficient and time-bound member. We are happy to help you in using the best of our services. Feel free to reach us anytime, anywhere in the world!

Some Google Products and Its Customer Support Center:

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How to contact Gmail customer service representative for accessing my Gmail account, forgot the password.

Unfortunately, there is no way to directly contact Google. You cannot call or email the Gmail support team as there is no number or email address for you to use. You can, however, try to use Google's Support Center to solve your problem.



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