Add an HP Printer to a Wireless Network

May 31, 2018

How to Add an HP Printer to a Wireless Network

We are surrounded by various digital gadgets and each day some new breakthrough technology helping us in making our life more comfortable. Some technological devices play a quite a vital part stay for a longer period of time as their usefulness remains for decades of time. One such device which has remained part of our lives and play a crucial role in our life is Printer.

The printer is one of the most vital and most important devices of our life which helps in bringing radical change in our life. It has been now found in our houses, offices, organizational space and educational Institute. There is plenty of printer making company in the world but no one can come close in terms of versatility and quality HP.

Hp Printer is one of the major and world-leading popular printer making company in the world. Its printer is known for having strong hardware as well as better software interface which makes them a unique desirable product. In order to suit the needs of the diverse customer whether its individual or business owner Hp makes various types of printer to suit the needs of their various customer.

Hp makes various series of a printer like wire printer or the wireless printer as well as a laser printer or the dot matrix printer. Each one of them having a unique distinguish quality and features to suit the different needs. The great thing about the Hp laptop is the flexible price, strong hardware, and unique software interface. But sometimes the user does face problem while working on it, one of the common problem user faces is regarding How to Add an HP Printer to a Wireless Network. The user can take the assistance of the technical support team or follow these simple procedure to fix the problem :

Connecting Automatically HP Printer to a Wireless Network

  • First of all, the user needs to make sure that their system configuration must match the Hp Printer criteria.
  • User operating system must be of higher configuration more than windows vista or OSX10.5 and or having similar criteria.
  • The computer which is connected to the Wireless laptop must be connected to an 802.11b/g/n with having a 2.4 GHz connection.
  • Afterward, make sure that double click on the software file.
  • Now turn on your Printer in order to connect with the system.
  • After further follow the instruction in order to find the network section.
  • Choose network/ethernet wireless connection.
  • Again click on yes in order to send my wireless setting to the printer.
  • Wait for few minutes in order to make the wireless printer connect to your device.
  • Afterward, finish the setup procedure by above instruction to make sure the process complete.

Connecting Manually HP Printer to a Wireless Network

  • Make sure your printer connected to your computer via USB cable and installed software on your computer.
  • The printer is connected to a power source, then press the Power button.
  • Activate the touch screen or connect the printer to your wireless network using the software setup process
  • Select Setup
  • Select Network means it will open the wireless settings
  • Select Wireless Network Wizard
  • Select your network name
  • Enter your network's password.
  • Select Done
  • Select OK when prompted.
  • Now print over your wireless network.

In case, if the user ever faces any problem related to the installation of the software, then they can take the help of their technical support staff. They have a highly qualified technical support team which are well versed in their domain and have tons of experience to make sure all your problem must get resolved quickly.

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