Access iTunes Backup Files

December 11, 2017

iTunes is a product of Apple, an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, best in designing, developing and selling consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. The brand is the most preferred and liked by the individuals in the digital world because of its unique and differentiating features.

It often happens, when the user needs to access iTunes backup documents on their Windows computer or Mac and that too without spending time. It is common and known to many that the iTunes backup files cannot be manually accessed and so the user needs to download the whole backup for the user device.

The user needs to keep in mind that he or she cannot view the gallery or messages individually. On the other hand, the iTunes customer service team sometimes might want to preview and also extract iTunes library files easily without even using the iTunes passwords. In such situation, the user is always recommended to make use of third-party software iPhone Transfer, which is used by the professionals to regard many to transfer iTunes files between iOS and iTunes or Computers. Moreover, the particular software program would assist the user to view iPhone backup every time he or she desires and all that the user needs to do is follow the below mentioned steps carefully.

To Accessing iTunes Backup Files, the user needs to initially

  • Launch TunesMate
  • Then connect it to the Apple device – iPad or iPhone using a phone cable
  • Wait for the software to be detected
  • Then click on "Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice”
  • This will help the device to scan and also select all the documents from iTunes library
  • After that, the user can deselect the files, if wishes to and also that he or she might not want to transfer
  • And then click the start button for the files to start downloading into the device
  • After the transfer finishes, the user can click on ok to complete the procedure

Find iTunes backup via iTunes

  • Run iTunes and select to "Preferences" from the menu bar.
  • Click on "Devices"
  • You’ll find a list of your iTunes backup files. Choose the one you want based on the date of creation, and then right-click to get a drop-down menu. Choose ‘Show in Finder’ to be taken to the location of the folder.

How to delete iTunes backup

  • Launch iTunes.
  • For Mac, go to iTunes > Preferences. For Windows, go to Edit > Preferences.
  • Click on “Devices.”
  • After that, you’ll find a list of all the iTunes backup files.
  • Hover your pointer over them to get their individual details. Once you’ve figured out which ones you want to get rid of, select them and hit ‘Delete Backup.’


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