Get little knowledge about iTunes in brief:

Apple Inc. is one of the dominating companies representing a wide array of unmatched products every year. iPhone, iPad, Mac book and much more carries their own operating system. iTunes is one of the heavily used apps that is inbuilt in these devices and also can be downloaded from apple atone.

iTunes is a digital media library where thousands of songs and music is stored and can be used anytime anywhere for the entertainment purpose. Online radio can listen via iTunes, the media player can be used music videos can also be downloaded.

The main advantage of iTunes is that it only read and recognize the authentic source. It downloads only verified videos, music, and related media files. iTunes can be downloaded for macOS, ms windows, iPhone and iPad etc. whenever you feel like you should download this app then just go to the Apple store and download from there.

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How to download iTunes:

Downloading iTunes is not a big challenging task only if you are following the correct methods. I wish to know the correct methods then follow the steps detailed below. Note that steps might be slightly changed as per the device.

Download iTunes to the desktop:

  • First of all, go to the in your web browser. In order to receive updates, you can also mention your email in the field n left side.
  • Click on the Download Now option and the site will automatically redirect you to that link where downloading will be started automatically.
  • Now you need to press the Save button.
  • In the further step, the user is required to locate the saved file on iTunes.
  • By double click on that save file you will be prompted to Run the app.
  • After that just follow the screen instruction by pressing Next button.
  • In this way, the user can install iTunes hassle-free on any desktop. Meanwhile if facing any complication then you can get the idea from some experts.

Download iTunes on iPhone or iPad:

The process of downloading iTunes on iPad as well as an iPhone is nearly same thus you can follow the same instruction for both devices. Steps are listed as follow:

  • First of all, open the app store which would be in the blue app with white A in a white circle.
  • Note the point that iTunes store app for iOS is not same application.
  • Tap on search, which is like magnifying glass icon at the bottom.
  • Type iTunes store in the searched space which would be on the top of the screen.
  • Tap iTunes store when it appears in the search result.
  • Click on the Get option and then followed by Install the file will be saved after few seconds.
  • Now you can Run the program easily.

How to play video podcasts in iTunes 

First, understand what the podcast is. Podcast, in a very simple statement, is an audio or video program that is uploaded by someone on the internet and then other people download it, if they want and listen or watch that. So it is a kind of MP3 file, one upload, and the other downloads.

Some podcasts are free and some are paid. Anyone can upload podcast as it can be anything like a video on any subject, a movie clip, or people who upload latest episodes of any TV show. All of them are podcasts. One can download and watch them by using anything that plays mp3 files. This article is dedicated to podcasts and iTunes.

iTunes is the app in all the Apple devices for listening, searching and downloading audio and video files. With earlier versions of iTunes, it was easy to watch podcast as the user just need to open the iTunes and click on the menu, then click on podcast and then click on Itune store. But, now in the later versions, the steps are little different. Now, the user can watch the video in a different window and that window appears on the top of all the screens.

  • Open iTunes.
  • Then click on Menu.
  • Click on preferences.
  • Then click on Advanced.
  • Check the checkbox saying, "Keep the movie window on the top of all other windows.".
  • Then click OK.
  • Click on the tab iTunes Media Drop Down.
  • A further click on Podcasts.
  • Now click on the desired video podcast.
  • Double click on the episode and then click on a Full-screen button and enjoy watching.

Apple has its own Podcast app on its devices like iPhone and iPad. The user can search and download the podcast which he wants to watch and subscribe to the newer ones. Another best part is, if the user is having more than Apple device like an iPhone and an iPad then he doesn't need to download the podcast on every device separately. He can sync them with every device. Here it is shown, how?

  • Tap on the Settings.
  • Then tap on Podcast.
  • Tap on the switch Sync Podcast.
  • Now whenever user will sign in with Apple ID, he will be able to watch the synced podcasts.

Similarly, user can refresh the Podcast app. Just tap on how often you want to refresh the app like every 1 hour, or 1 day or 2 days etc. Also, if the user wants to delete the played episodes then he can turn ON the Delete Played Episodes, under the Podcast app. Other functions like sharing the podcasts, subscribing them are also can easily be done in iTunes. Podcast makes the downloading and streaming of videos very easy and effective. The picture quality is also of high definition. For any technical issue with Podcasts, the user can contact the Apple Technical Support phone number.

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