13 Essential WordPress Maintenance Tasks

August 28, 2017

It is highly recommended for the web portal to work in hassle free manner that crucial WordPress maintenance should be done on a frequent basis. For the optimal performance of WordPress, there are several integral parts which may include WordPress hosting, software along with plugins and themes. In order to make a website to be loved and allure by huge mass of people, user is required to Have a look on step by step instructions that have been illustrated as described below:-

13 Crucial WordPress Maintenance Tasks be performed regularly

 Point 1: User is required to change and modify WordPress passwords frequently

It is highly recommended to change password and user should have a novel and unique password which are not traceable by hackers and spammers.The user can effectively manage password by making use of last pass, 1password or dash line in error free manner.

Point 2: Make sure user create complete and effective backup of their web portal

By making remarkable use of WordPress backup plugin, user can backup and store the documents in Google Drive or Dropbox in error free manner

Point 3: Keep an eye on updates of WordPress files in a rapid manner

Make sure user has the latest version of WordPress and updates are done in a secure manner.Some time user may face trouble due to the expiry of the license of plugins or theme. In order to resolve the issue make sure user update WordPress manually ion incredible manner.

Point 4: It is advisable to delete spam comments in a swift manner

The user can drastically make use of Akismet to ward off spam in WordPress in a precise manner. While using the software, the user is strictly required to check that spam comments have been marked accurately or there is some sort of discrepancy that inappropriate spam comment has been marked up.

Point 5: User is required to prudently check WordPress forms

The user may have to suffer from technical hiccups due to misconfiguration with hosting server. This may lead to an issue in sending emails. In order to solve the glitches, it is advisable that user can make use of WordPress form builder like WP forms to resolve the error in a significant manner

Point 6: User is required to strictly optimise WordPress database in trouble free manner

To improve performance and efficacy of WordPress database user is required to optimize it at regular interval. It may happen that due to overloading and crowding of unnecessary data user may suffer from hurdle of download and upload process. Let’s have quick glance on steps that need to follow to optimize WordPress in jiffy

1. First of all, user is required to install and activate WP optimise plugin

2. Moving to next step, once the activation process has been completed, the user will be able to see new menu item available in WordPress admin that has been headlined with a caption of WP-optimize.

3. Moving to next step, user will be redirected to plugin setting web page

4. Once the items have been selected, user is required to hit click on run option

5. Finally, user will be able to observe that plugins will be able to optimize WordPress in perfect manner

Point 7: User is required to strictly run performance test in proficient way

In order to boost and enhance the performance of WordPress, the user can make use of caching plugin to avail faster and dynamic nature of WordPress.This will enrich user experience and allow improvement of a web portal on search engine portal in error free manner.

Point 8: User is required to rapidly search and resolve 404 error in cost effective manner

The 404v error may appear on screen due to the mistype of address which is human error or that web page has been expiated and is no longer available. To resolve the error in nick of time user can have a look on set of instructions as illustrated below:-

1. User is required to hit click on gear icon setting option

2. Moving to next step, user is required to hit click on permalinks option

3. Now user is required to hit click on save option to apply changes

If the solution is not able to abolish error, the user can eventually update .htaccess file in a swift manner.

Point 9: User is required to effectively find and resolve broken link issue

It is highly recommended that user is required to ward off broken links on WordPress otherwise it may result in bad experience which may be faced by user

Point 10: User is required to perform SEO audit in a precise way

Make sure user has thoroughly reviewed content deeply. By making use of Yoast SEO, user can appropriately set specific keyword and help in analyzing content for the keyword in a remarkable way

Point 11: User is required to optimize images and media library on WordPress web portal

Images that get displayed on web portal may deprive speed of download of files. It is recommended to review the maintenance and be on top of the list in a significant way.

Point 12: User is required to review WordPress security logs in an accurate way

User can make swift use of Sucuri which offer web portal firewall to protect web portal against threat and virus attack

Point 13: User is required to troubleshoot maintenance task in aggravating free manner

The user can strictly perform troubleshooting steps to lower the traffic on web portal in an incredible way.

For any sort of Embroiled technical error, the user can reach out WordPress customer support to seek magnificent assistance 24/7 around the globe in an extensive manner. Wordpress Technical Support is highly knowledgeable to render innovative and novel solution in a couple of moment.

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