Display Ad Blocks in specific posts in WordPress

August 28, 2017

Do you want to display ad blocks within specific WordPress posts?

It may be that you may be willing to display your ad blocks but not in all the posts but in some of the specific posts. This is really beneficial as it allows an increase in the engagement of the customers. By going through this tutorial one can easily learn to display ad blocks in specific posts in WordPress and that too without any code or breaking the site.

If the process is proving complicated for the users then no need to read or follow the below-mentioned step by step procedure and instead such users are advised to seek advice from the immensely qualified and skilled WordPress technical support team. Details for such process can be obtained by going through the last section of the tutorial. However firstly let’s go through the manual procedure for the users who want to follow the same.

Steps to display AdBlocks in specific posts in WordPress:

Step 1: First of all users will need to install and activate a plug in named Adsanity which is a plug in the tool to display AdBlocks in specific posts.

Step 2: When the plug in has been successfully activated then visit Adsanity followed by Create Ad page which is the first step to create your ad.

Step 3: Now enter the title of your ad so that everyone else can identify your site.

Step 4: Users can next choose the kind of ad that they want to create as for hosted ads you will need to select the ad size.

Step 5: If you are willing to go for third party networks then you will need to switch to External Ad Network tab.

Step 6: Users can now publish their ad or simply click on the edit link and set a schedule for an ad.

Step 7: Finally when the users’ ad has been published then they can feel free to add it in their WordPress posts and pages or anywhere else in the website according to the wish of the users.

Are you unable to display AdBlocks in specific posts in WordPress?

If the steps are not going in your head then leave the things as it is as there is someone who can offer assistance and have been specially trained for such purpose. These people are none other than immensely qualified and skilled WordPress support team who have undergone through years of rigorous training and have been assisting the users all through the day and all through the year in order to ease their lives. 

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