Add Rotating Testimonials in Wordpress

September 22, 2017

How to add Rotating Testimonials in Wordpress?

Do you use Wordpress? And want to display rotating testimonials on your Wordpress site? Then testimonials are one of the best ways to show social proof and credibility. Most of the users don’t know how to add rotating testimonials in Wordpress. If you are one among those, then read this article and go through the below steps:

Configure the Testimonials widget Plugin

  • First of all, you need to install and activate the Testimonial Rotator plugin. Then you can configure these Testimonials widget plugin.
  • Click on the new Testimonials tab from your Wordpress dashboard and then click on the Add Rotators page.
  • Now choose how you want to show testimonials carousel to display. You can select animation and duration for every testimonial to show or hide them.
  • Now enter the company name or product which is associated with these testimonials.
  • After that, choose a theme for your carousel and then click on the Publish tab to save.

Add your Testimonials

  • Click on the Testimonials section on your Wordpress dashboard and then click on the Add New icon.
  • Add a new name into the Title box and their testimonials in the post editor.
  • Now scroll down to the Testimonials Options section and then add the testimonial to the rotator.
  • After that, you need to choose a star rating, a photo of the company and their job title.
  • Now click on the Publish tab to save the testimonial.
  • Place a rotating Testimonials section

Add Slider Section

Once the testimonials you created are ready to use, you just need to add a slider section anywhere in your Wordpress site with the help of below steps:

  • Click on the Testimonials section and then click on the All Rotators page.
  • Now copy the User rotator settings shortcode in next to the rotator which you have created recently to complete the procedure.

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