Connect Samsung printer to a WiFi router

July 13, 2017

In order to give print commands over the web, it is necessary that users get connected to an internet service. There is simple setup process which users will need to follow in order to resolve such issues of their selves.

If hesitating through this process then there is also an alternate option left with the users which are the direct assistance path. In this path, users will not have to follow any path as the certified technicians’ assistance will be offered to the users in such case. Users looking for details for this method can wait for a while to get the effective procedure. But first of all, we can go through the technical procedure to resolve such issues of the users.

Steps to connect Samsung printer to wifi router:

Step 1: Users will first need to open their Samsung printer easy manager software in their system and from there they can switch on to the advanced mode.

Step 2: When the advanced mode has opened then users can simply select their printer and then click on the Device Settings tab from there.

Step 3: When the above tasks have been completed then users can click on the Network Settings tab and then move down the below-mentioned step.

Step 4: Users will now need to turn ON the wifi direct on their system and then will be required to fill in all the necessary information like the device name, IP address of their system, group owner, and a network password to ensure that the account is safe and secure.

Step 5: Finally users can click on the Save option which would be available at the bottom of the page in order to ensure that all the settings have been effectively saved.

Step 6: Users can now get connected to the wifi and then they can feel free to give any sort of print commands.

Are you unable to connect your Samsung printer to the wifi router?

There have been many times instances reported that users are facing a tough time in getting connected their Samsung printer to their wifi router. If such extreme conditions have arisen then users should not worry at all as there are people who can help people and fix their issue in a very short span of time.

These people are none other than the certified and immensely qualified technicians who have years of experience in dealing with the users technical issues in a very delicate manner. They ensure that any of the user's issues are resolved in the first call itself so that users do not have to waste nay of their important time as well as productivity. In order to consult the technicians simply dial the 24/7 Samsung printer support number. They have a remote assistance tool through which troubleshooting of the issues is easily done. 


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