Change AT&T WiFi Name and Password

December 16, 2017

In the rising technology and necessity to have systems like WIFI available at every doorstep, it has also brought a challenge to maintain them for your personal use and not circulate them to a large proportion of society as they are individual based systems in local households. Apart from that, it is also necessary to look after that public system like such is not misused for self-entertaining purpose thence in ignorance of the both mentioned people required to change their wifi identity and password for their better or restricted prominence.

How do I reset my AT&T WIFI password?

Step 1:- Start by going to

Note: Now you may enter your Device Access Code in order to continue. The default Device Access Code can be found on the side of your gateway (this is not the same as your Wi-Fi password).

Step 2:- Go to Settings > LAN > Wi-Fi

Step3:- Scroll down to User Network

  • Changes can be made to your Wi-Fi name under Network Name (SSID)
  • Changes can be made to your password under Wi-Fi Password

Steps 4:- Save all changes made to your device

Change Wifi identity and password by choosing right steps

Yet for some people, it is not an easy task to limit the circulation of the identity and password or to set a new one with a change. AS it is clear to them that by changing the id and password, they should be able to restrict it amongst their own will, But there are certain steps which require doing the same and hence by following such steps You can change the Wifi identity as well as your password and make the most out of them for your own use and impact.

  • It is essential to visit the network zone on your device to check the range of your Wifi and to locate if it is not in use of more than the people you are sharing. If it is in the same zone of more shared users, they can be blocked or stopped to misuse the virtual impact.
  • Once visiting the network place, you can visit the Wifi properties and check its property and signal strength as well as its key details mentioned while setting the same. They can be re-settled, changed or modified for the time being and hence by such virtue the setting of new Identity and password is most easily done.
  • You will have to further on check the advanced settings of your Wifi to look out the range quality and permanent setting up of the changed id and password and hence it shall take some point of time to absorb all the commands given and setting the same.
  • Once doing security checks, making sure of the range of network and restricting the outside users, You can trace the confirmation of the changes made and hence by such steps It is easily changed so you are able to change or reset the identity and Password which is not a big job but requires right selection of virtual commands on your device.

In this way, it is easily possible to take right commands and make them possible in the right direction by the technological steps which will help you enable the changes in your identity and password of the Wifi you are using or having work of use. Either you are willing to restrict the range, find it difficult to use wifi by more users coming or want to take it's right setting work on force, It can be done by changing identity and password and hence by choosing right command it is easily done without any panic situation and your delight is maximum once the mission is accomplished...

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