Change and reset a Groupon password

October 28, 2017

Groupon is an American electronic commercial marketplace which connects all the subscribers with local merchants as they offer various activities such as travel, goods, and services in more than 28 countries worldwide. This in itself is free of cost service for anyone to come and join by just making a Groupon account. On daily basis, Groupon sends an email with details to its subscribers, sharing or give details of the latest deals of the day in that specific area or the email.

Most commonly, the deals very beneficial for the subscribers and they are like almost half price discounts at a specific restaurant or half discounts at an any of the store. If you like or show interact in the deal of the day, then you get an opportunity to purchase an electronic coupon which Groupon provides directly by just using your credit card, debit card or even PayPal account will do. What you need to do is the print that specific coupon, and just show it at the particular restaurant or store, and redeem it for normally with double the value you paid.

Also to add more Groupon is growing quickly and a faster rate. One can locate the Groupon deals in nearly any major city in Canada and the USA. This is also rapidly growing in Central and South America, Australia, the UK, Europe, Asia, and parts of the Middle East. If you look at it overall then this is tremendous consumer appeal for what Groupon offers.

To know more and why the number of users for the Groupon is increasing as compared to others. Here in below are its advantages as to why this is happening so fast: 

  • It attracts a lot of consumers.
  • It advertises your business.
  • It helps move inventory. 
  • It builds relationships. 
  • It generates revenue.

After a lot of discussion about the Groupon account, why so popular and so many other queries, we now look ahead to change or reset the Groupon password:

Change Groupon Password

  • First Sign in with your Groupon account on
  • Now choose my account when you click on your name in the upper right corner.
  • Scroll down till you see change your password
  • Enter your current password, followed by 2 times the new password
  • Click save
  • Finally, your password is change

Reset Forgot Groupon Password

  • Enter your email address and click submit
  • Password reset instructions have been emailed to your email address
  • You’ll receive Groupon password resets request email.
  • Click on the reset password button in the mail.
  • Enter a new password and click update.

Another important question is can you transfer a Groupon?

And the answer is yes, one can do this when they can give the Groupon to whomever they want, or use the gifting purpose to email or take a print for a friend. No need to worry if your name is on the Groupon you gifting it just the number can be used only once.

You also have the option to speak to the Groupon customer services or can call their UK phone number in order to purchase a voucher for local experiences, goods and so on. If in case you have already had a coupon through them, you can also contact the helpline to get a refund for an unwanted voucher, where you can also get assistance if the merchant is not accepting your Groupon receipt. 

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