Change Frontier WiFi Password

December 15, 2017

Frontier wifi is the wifi that is the service from the very famous frontier communications so in case you are opting for any of the internet pack of this company then along with that you will get the router connection and the mailing service consisting of the free storage. Now the simple things you need to know in case you are using a wifi is that you have to take an account of the password that you will get along with the router and whenever you try to connect some phone device or the tablet than at that time you just need to enter the password of the wifi so that you can connect further.

Wifi is basically the service that has allowed a number of people to connect and that too very easily so by making one network you can connect more than one device by simply putting the router at work so it is quite an interesting service. That has allowed a number of people to share the same network without facing the issue.

The password is basically the safety of your router since it helps your network to protect from the intruders who want to use the net for free. So you have to choose the password that is really safe and easy to use but it should not include the name or the street name since it will let people guess it easily.

How to Change Frontier WiFi Password

  • Open chrome browser and type “” without quotation marks in the address bar.
  • Now enter modem username and password to sign-in.
  • Go to the “Wireless Setting”.
  • Under the Wireless Setting, click on “Basic Setting”.
  • Scroll down the Basic Setting and click “Security Setting.
  • Now type your old password and enter your new password twice.

How to Change Frontier FiOS WiFi Password

  • Open Chrome Browser and type “ in the address bar.
  • Click on Sign-in and type your username and password.
  • Now go to the “Advanced Section” 
  • Select “Users” and from the Users section, click on “Administrator”.
  • You are now directed to the User Setting and from the same, click on “General”.
  • Now click on password section and enter your current password and enter your new password.
  • Click “Save”.

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