Change DLink Wireless (WiFi) Password

December 23, 2017

D-Link router is one of the best options to access internet and Wi-Fi. Setting up the router is very easy on the home or business network. They also have the facility to offer guest access to the wireless network. Are you security conscious? Choose not to allow the outside entities access to the network. In case the user is allowing guest access it is advisable to change the guest password on regular basis. The router has parental controls which are helpful in topping kids from visiting unsavory websites. The router is offering varying level of controls and the capabilities include an additional layer of security protection for the network.

It is very easy to change the DLink wireless password and for that user need to open the router’s configuration page in the web browser. It is important that the wireless password is changed at regular intervals for proper security. New users or first-time users come up to the support team for help and this article will be useful in changing the wireless password of the router. Login to the configuration page and change the password from the Wireless Settings menu.

Steps to change the D-Link wireless router password –

  • On a connected device open a web browser and it is best to use a PC or computer that is connected to the router via Ethernet.
  • In the address bar enter the address ‘’. It is the default address for D-Link routers. Another common address is ‘’.
  • If neither of the IP addresses is working then enter ‘http://dlinkrouter’.
  • Now login to the DLink router. Enter ‘admin’ as the username and keep the password field empty. The user will be able to login to the router webpage now.
  • In case there is the problem in router webpage login, press and hold the ‘Reset’ button.
  • Next click on the ‘Wireless tab' and then on the ‘Setup’ page. Now in the left menu, click ‘Wireless Settings’.
  • Click on the ‘Security Mode’ menu and then press ‘Enable WPA2 Wireless Security’.
  • Click on the ‘Passphrase’ field and type the new password for the wireless access. At the time of entering the new wireless password, make sure that the password is not easy to access.
  • Type in the password again on the ‘Confirm Passphrase’ field.
  • Finally, click on ‘Save’ settings.
  • Once the password is changed enter the new password on the wireless device for easy internet accessibility.

The above-mentioned process or password setup steps will enable the wireless password change. It might happen that user has lost the already existing password and is unable to log in now. In such scenarios, a user needs to reset the wireless password to change the password. The above steps are mainly preferred by the technical experts for easy password change. 

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