How do I Fix Error Code 018 Roku?

September 19, 2019

Roku is one of the most advanced and most popular videos streaming device around the globe. Roku is also one such device that has been developed for streaming videos and audio devices. And this is such a device which is known and used across the globe in different ways. Basically, this is the device which streams content with the help of proper internet connectivity and is preferred to be an interesting gadget in today’s time. But it has been observed that people are facing issues while streaming the content on Roku. And this problem is faced due to an improper internet connection.

Steps to Resolve Roku Error Code 018

  1. First of all, check that Internet connection is working and your router receives signals from your ISP (Internet Services Provider).
  2. Run a quick test to make sure your Internet working properly. Try to open some website like Google, YouTube, etc on another device. If you are able to open these websites that means your router is working fine.
  3. Now, check the name of the network your Roku device is connected. Make sure it connected with your home network and receive signals.
  4. Check the strength of your wi-fi signals. You can check the signal strength of your wi-fi router on your Roku device.

Follow the steps below to check signal strength:

  • Press Home button on Roku remote.
  • Go to Setting, Click on Network.
  • Select About from the list.
  • Here you can find your Signal Strength.

Some other Tips to fix Roku error 018

  1. Verify twice that you are using right credential for logging your home wireless network.
  2. Perform a quick system restart and check if slow network error fixed or not.
  3. Try to reconnect the Roku device to your wireless network.
  4. Try to connect your device to the Ethernet cable to resolve 018 error.
  5. Reboot your router and try to reconnect the device.

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