Fix Email Search Not Working In Outlook for Mac Issue

March 12, 2018

How May I Fix Email Search Not Working In Outlook For Mac

Outlook is found as an email account by which you can send and receive millions and millions of emails within an organization and at the personal level.An email app can be maintained and upgraded timely but sometimes you may be got a freeze.It always gets difficult for the users to execute and understand the updated edition of Outlook application.The search option has been found as the most important feature of the Outlook application.It will help you to do a specific search of a defined criterion and even helps in navigation by mails and other components that are quite proficient.

Details related to the bug:

When you use Outlook 2016 for your Mac, individual will get the message as “No Results”. If you want to search a particular mail message or task items, it will not be displayed in Task folder. If you want to search for mail items by using Mac OS spotlight search, you get the notification as search is not successful.

What are the causes behind this specific problem?

This particular problem may come due to these reasons:

  • When the Indexing of Spotlight Search will be incomplete
  • At the time when you use special characters
  • When your profile or its parent folders are in the privacy tab
  • If an Index Search of Spotlight got corrupted

Solution to resolve Email Search Not Working In Outlook For Mac

As we can see that there is a number of issues responsible for the occurrence of this issue. You can see the number of methods to solve this specific issue faced by the users.People may use the number of other techniques which helps to resolve the issue, i.e. email search not working in Outlook for Mac.

Solution 1: - Complete Spotlight Indexing

In case, if the user creates a new Outlook profile in Outlook 2007, 2016,2017 for Mac or when they have imported new data from OLM or PST files, then Spotlight indexing will not complete.At such times, you will get the notification as “No Results”. For resolving this particular problem, you need to wait for a certain time duration to finish the indexing and to search again.

Solution 2: -By elimination of special characters:

If you are using Outlook for Mac 2016 and have some special characters like *, /, >, +, @, it is required for you to change your identity by following these steps:

  • It is required for the user to view Profile Name
  • Click the option of “Go” and then “Applications”
  • Tap the option of MS Outlook and then “Show Package Contents
  • An individual should now go to Increase Contents and then SharedSupport 
  • A user should now go for “Outlook Profile Manager

Change the name of your Profile

A user needs to open Identity folder of Outlook 2016 from the mentioned location:

  • It now needs to rename your identity name by removing the special characters
  • Also, you need to confirm the changes by again viewing the profile name.

Solution 3: -Remove the tab of Privacy

In case, you have added your Outlook 2016 profile folder to Privacy tab then, a spotlight would not index that folder location. It is required for the user to replace the location of these folders from Privacy tab in the spotlight.An individual should wait for the time until these folders will not be finished with indexing.

Solution 4: -Fix your Spotlight Index Corruption

When you still face problems, it means that the Spotlight index may get corrupted. For resolving it, you need to re-index the Spotlight Index by using these steps:

  • An individual should click “Apple menu”
  • Select the option of “System Preferences” and then “Spotlight
  • Tap the Privacy tab and you should now drag the folder that you want to index to list of locations which have been prevented from Spotlight search
  • It now needs to choose a folder that has added and remove it from the list by tapping “Remove” button
  • You can quite the preferences of a system and the Spotlight will now re-index your folder contents.

After using the above-mentioned solutions, when the users still face some problem, you can remove Outlook 2016 from Mac machine and again reinstall.


Besides the above-discussed problem, there are numerous methods to resolve this issue which has been identified as email search not working in Outlook for Mac are discussed. When you talk about experts, these solutions help in improvement of the functioning of Spotlight which plays a major role in the searching process.

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