Cogeco Email Server settings

April 25, 2017

Cogeco Email:

Cogeco is the telecommunication company. And the Cogeco mail is one of the services provided by that respective company. Through which a common person can deliver its messages and other details through this common mailing site and that too without wasting any its precious time.

Set incoming mail server settings in Cogeco email

For setting up the following incoming mail server details you just need to look up for the below-given management settings which you need to make while trying to send or receive messages from the other mailing server platform:-

  • Your account type should be like – IMAP
  • Provide the username in box – there you need to enter the required email address of the present mail from which you are linking the same.
  • Host server name –
  • Enter the server port as – 993
  • Provide the authentication password for the security purpose of the account – enter required password in that field
  • Now enter the SSL/TLS – yes you need to enter.

So while performing these settings in case you face any such problem then directly contact to‘Cogeco email helpline number’ to resolve your problem in as much as less time.

Set outgoing mail server settings in Cogeco email

As one has done the proper setting of incoming mail server setting, in the same manner, one need to follow up the following steps to set the outgoing mail server setting in their respective mail.

  • Here also enter the username – Provide the username as your email address in this section.
  • Server hostname – in the desired field.
  • Server port should be entered as – 465
  • Give the required authentication password to restrict your email account to be accessed by the third person – So to avoid mishandling provide the proper password.
  • SSL/TLS – enter there yes.

So as same here in case you are trying to reach the solution and in case you face any difficulty then call the ‘Cogeco email toll-free number’ to provide a solution for the occured problem.

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