Cisco Router is a revolutionary name in the browsing world; it is developed by the Cisco Systems Company which had been established one and half decade back. It has expanded as one of the largest selling networking equipment company plus they provide cisco router technical support for all small to small issues related to cisco.

Of course, cisco router issues come after a certain gap, but before that let’s discuss the prospects it offers to its users.

1. Media net services

2. Agile application services

3. WAN connectivity & optimization

4. Highly integrated security

5. Unified communications

6. High-speed browsing

How to Setup Cisco Router 

1. Open your web browser

2. Type in the address bar

3. Press Enter

4. A new window will open

5. It will prompt you for a Username and a Password

6. You are recommended to type admin in both the bars

7. Hit the OK button

If you find a changed IP address, you will need to type the IP address in browser’s address bar. It may change due to the enclosure of setup CD. Or, a change on the web-based cisco router setup page can change the IP address. Resetting the router is a good way to resolve this problem or further facing issue contact cisco router technical support.

 Cisco Router Password Reset 

1. Turn off the router

2. Go to the rear of the router and remove the compact flash

3. Turn on the router now

4. Reinsert the compact flash once the router is in ROM MON mode

5. Please type conf reg 0x2142 on the ROM MON

6. Also, prompt in order to boot from Flash

7. It may bypass the startup configuration (password restoration platform)

8. Go to the ROM MON again, and type reset

9. Your router will reboot then

10. Press Ctrl + C for skipping the initial setup procedure

You can contact the cisco router technical support team for more details about cisco router password reset. The support team is promised to help you in all points or concerns of your password reset. Don’t hesitate to dial the helpline number.


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