Block Ads on Google Chrome

August 3, 2018

How to Block Ads on Google Chrome

The Internet has radically impacted our life in unconventional ways. These days we are totally dependent on the Internet. We cannot imagine a moment without the Internet. The Internet has become a crucial part of our daily lives. We use internet for searching any queries, information, connecting with the people and online shopping and host range of other features and services.

But these things could not be possible without the possibility of a web browser. Web browser act as a backbone in connecting with the internet. There is plenty of web browsing service providing company in the world but none can match the popularity of one web browser service i.e Google chrome.

Fix the problem of Google Adblock Issue..!!

Google chrome is one of the leading and most important web browser in the world. It is one of the web browsers which brought radical transformation in the experience of web browsing. The great thing about the Google web browser is its user-friendly uses, lightweight and extremely fast and loads lots of pages in quick time.

It’s various features like startup page list which list the most frequent pages visited and then allows access to them with quite an ease. It can also automatically translates the pages into a language that is more understandable and coveniencable. Even in the case I one site crashed up then other will open without any issue.

Apart from that it also provides various extensions and plugins which user can add to their browser. Also, it provides bookmarking of the website so, a user can bookmark their particular website according to their own choice. Due to its wide popularity, it is also an excellent platform for advertisement as there are plenty of images keep popping up on the browser. So, a user always feels puzzled about how to block Ads on Google Chrome.

Follow these simple procedures to fix the problem.

  • First of all, open the chrome and then click on the Chrome menu icon in the upper right corner of the browser and then click on settings.
  • The further user needs to pop up in the search settings field.
  • Make sure to click on the content settings and then under popup, it should say Blocked. If it says Allowed, click on Popups.
  • Now make sure to turn off the switch then next to allowed.
  • Again, in order to check the block sites, the user needs to scroll down to Allow and then click on three dots icons.
  • The further click on the select Remove button.

Uninstall antivirus program 

If they are still facing the problem then it’s better to uninstall any antivirus program because through this the pop-ups aren’t coming from any particular website if you have disabled it, It must be coming from the malware programs.

  • So, download and install the antivirus program on your computer.
  • Further, make a full scan of your system in safe mode then try another app or two be share.
  • In case if the user find any unusual program installed, then go to the windows control panel by going to settings and then system further apps
  • Further, select the Add/remove programs or programs and features.
  • Choose the programs you want to remove or any installed apps which you are installed unusually.
  • Now onwards make sure to uninstall the programs.

Use of Adblock on your desktop

But despite that user does face problem while working on it, one of the common problem user faces is regarding how to make use of Adblock on your desktop. Adblock is a tool which protects the user from unknowing ads popping on your browser. The user can directly take the assistance from the technical support team which is well versed in their domain or follows these simple procedures :

  • First of all, User needs to go to the Google play store.
  • Then download the Google Ad Blocker and then install it.
  • Afterward Google Ad Blocker will install and block any ad on the page.
  • Now User needs to click on the Icon and then select “ Block an ad on this page “ or right click the ad and select the “ AdBlock “ and further on Block this Ad.
  • Afterward, make sure to move the mouse until the ad is highlighted in blue and then click.
  • Again make sure to move the slider until the ad disappears.
  • Now click on the “ Looks Good “ to permanently block the Ads.

Installing the Adblock plus on your website.

There are other options too like installing of the Adblock plus on your website. It will help in moving out any Ad running on the system. In order to do so, a user needs to follow these simple procedure to make sure that problem will resolve on the immediate time.

  • The good thing about the Adblocker plus is that it takes payments from companies to show unobtrusive ads, although one can disable the options.
  • After Adblock plus is installed then a new tab will open and further scroll down to the view more options and then enable this extra protection.
  • Again user needs to have malware blocking will block domains which are known sources of any viruses or other malware attacks.
  • Now, User needs to concentrate on removing social media button which will block buttons from Facebook, Twitter and so forth.
  • Disabling tracking will make sure that none of your browsing histories will be tracked thus protecting you from the targeted Ads.

In spite of that if the user is facing any difficulties or problem related to the ad blocking, then it’s better to take the assistance from their Google technical team. They have a highly qualified technical expert which will make sure that whatever be your concerns or the problem while working on the Adblock must be resolved on immediate time.

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