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October 12, 2017

When you try to search anything on Google then there are multiple sites that you can find it listed that is offering the same product with some differences in price. The price which is minimal will be opting for you. The same situation lies with the flight booking when you are trying it through Google. This is possible as Google has recently purchased software named ITA which shows a comparison with different websites.

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It is a win-win situation for both the parties as websites will get their traffic because of this and Google will get paid because they are generating traffic for the websites in the form of promotional activities. In order to book a flight with Google, there are certain conditions that need to be kept in the traveler's minds. Just read this tutorial and you will certainly find the solution to your issue. In any case, if the tutorial is not going into the heads of the travelers then they are advised to leave it as it is and they should consult the specialized agents on an immediate basis to get their issue and error instantly resolved or contact Google flights customer service agent.

Book your flights with Google|Google Flights Customer Service Agent

1. First Go to Google Flights.

2. Now Enter your departure city or airport and destination.

3. Then At the top, select your ticket type: one-way, roundtrip, or multi-city.

4. At the top, select the number of passengers and cabin class.

5. Now Click the calendar to select your flight dates. You’ll see the lowest total price to fly for each day.

6. Optional:

  • To filter your results, click Stops, Airlines, Times, or More.
  • Click Sort by to re-order the flights. You can show results by Best Flights (a default order based on price, length, time of day, and more), Price, Duration, and Departure Time.

7. Choose a flight for each part of your trip.

8. Choose how you’ll book the flight:

  • Finally, When you click Select for your ticket(s), you will usually be taken to the airline’s website or online travel agency to complete the transaction.
  • If you choose Book on Google, you can complete the transaction without leaving Google.
  • In some cases, you can book separate tickets for one trip.

9. When user once you’ve booked a flight, then please contact the airline or online travel agent to confirm your booking, change it, cancel it or to resolve any issue that may arise.

10.For more information, please refer to the airline or online travel agent's terms and conditions on their site.

How to book a flight to Google with the help of Google flight customer service team.

Start with the process of getting a flight in Google

In order to get Google flights, travelers can simply open their Google browser and then they can search for to and fro destination which they are willing to travel. This would be sufficient to get the consolidated list of all the flights for that particular destination.

Start with the search process

After having got the above-mentioned process effectively travelers can next start with the search process. In order to get the search process effectively done travelers can firstly enter their departure point. If it is coming as default then the location has been traced by Maps. In case if it is different from what is mentioned then they can always change the same. After having entered the departure travelers can next enter the destination which they are willing to travel. When done with it then travelers can move on to the next section.

Filter your results

Google offers an abundance of offers to its travelers. It is for this reason they will also need to filter their results. Filtering could be in the form of the timings of the price, the price which the customers are willing to pay, rewards that you are getting, and also the arrival time. Different scales will be available to the travelers through which they can easily filter their results and can their tasks efficiently were doneFinally, travelers can see all the results that fit within their parameters as dots, and you can adjust the sliders until you know you've found a good balance between convenience and availability.

Other search options

It could be that you may be looking for some other options when boarding the flight. This could be in the form non-stop, or one stop, or more than one stop. Google offers an option to all their travelers through which they can easily refine the results and get their bookings done accordingly. In case any sort of difficulties are arising in going through this method or any other methods then specialized agents advice is always available which travelers can seek at any point of time without any sort of hesitation.

Information about the unknown prices

When booking through specific websites of Google you may have found out that their airlines for which the prices may not have been mentioned. In those flights, people will need to book their tickets directly. However, this is not in the case of Google as this will still show you when they're flying that day, so you can check the price with their website and then compare it to the prices you've seen with the other airlines. This makes you take the decision in a wise manner.

Get your booking effectively done

When all the above-mentioned tasks have been effectively executed then the last step which is left for the travelers is to get the bookings effectively and efficiently done. Travelers will get a book option after they have clicked on the price. They can simply click on it and then the travelers will directly be redirected to the official site from where the booking can actually be done.

Apart from this there is an abundance of offers available for the travelers in the form of vacation packages, offers on group traveling and so on. However, if you want to book a flight and hotel, it might be worth your while to check to see if Travelocity or some other company doesn't have a better vacation package deal. In case this tutorial is proving to be difficult for some of the travelers then they should not hesitate at all and immediately consult the specialized agents to understand the entire process. There is a separate toll-free phone number for the travelers which can be dialed by them at any point of time to get one stop solution for the issue and error.

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