Delete a Google or Gmail Account

April 2, 2018

How Can You Delete Google And Gmail Account

If you want to delete your Google or Gmail account, you will not be able to send or receive an email with that email account.It is required for you to inform all your contacts before shutting down your Gmail account.Google has provided you resolution to a number of bugs.The solution that you will obtain is quite unique and out of the box.Here, you can see a resolution to important issues.These issues involve deleting Google account and its email address.

If you facing any issue with deleting Google or Gmail Account visit  How to Contact Google Customer Service

How can you delete Google account?

  • It is first required to visit with the help of your browser.There is a possibility to delete only Google account from a web browser.
  • Tap the “Sign in” if you haven’t done it already.You will find the option in the upper-right corner. When you are signed in, you need to double-check that you're signed in into the account which you want to remove.
  • After you logged in, you can see that your Google account profile picture is in the upper-right corner.Tap that to see that from which account is currently signed in.When you logged in with wrong account, tap "Sign out" in the menu and again sign in with the correct one.
  • You are required to “Sign in” by using the account you want to delete.It is not required if you're already signed in by using the right one.
  • Tap the option of “Delete your account or services.”,it can be seen at the bottom of the "Account Preferences" section which is on the right of the page.
  • Tap the option of “Delete Google Account and data.”
  • You are required to enter your Google account password again if prompted. Even, you can be asked to log in again before you can proceed.
  • However, there is need to review the content that you want to delete.The services can be shown that you'll lose access to.
  • Tap the option of download your data link to keep your data.You can directly go to the Google Takeout page and go through the process of downloading an archive of your data.
  • There is need to go down and check the two “Yes” boxes.It is the confirmation that will be given by you to delete the account.
  • Select the option to “Delete Account”.Google account will be marked for deletion, that will happen after you tap “Delete Account.”
  • After the account will be deleted, you will not have access to all Google products and information associated with it

Recover Deleted Google Account

You can try to recover a deleted account.When you changed your mind or suddenly deleted the account, you will have short time duration to try to restore it:

  • Navigate to
  • Attempt to log in to the account you just deleted.
  • Tap the option of "Try to restore account" link.
  • There is need to enter the last password you used for the account.When you try to restore before your data is permanently deleted, you can get back to the account

How to delete a Gmail address?

  • It is first required to visit in your browser. 
  • Tap the option to Sign in. A button can be seen in the upper-right corner.
  • After you signed in, you can see that your current account's profile picture in the upper-right corner.
  • Tap it and tap "Sign out" to sign in with a different account.
  • You need to “Sign in” with the Gmail account that you want to delete.
  • Select the option of “Delete your account or services.
  • Choose the option of “Delete products.”
  • There is need to enter Gmail password again if asked.
  • Tap the option of "Delete" button which is next to Gmail.
  • You now need to enter an alternate email address for your Google account.It is the email address that you use to sign into other Google products, such as Drive or YouTube.
  • Your email address will need to be verified, to ensure that it is an account you can access.
  • Tap the option of “Send Verification Email.
  • You need to open the alternate email account's inbox.
  • Now, you can open your verification email from Google.
  • Select the link in the email for verifying your new address.After your new address is verified, Gmail account will be permanently deleted.

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