Delete a Gmail Account on iPhone

February 17, 2018

Google account or Gmail account is the most used email account of today’s time. Gmail account can be used from the web and also from mobile devices by its Gmail application. Gmail is one of the most user-friendly and the best product that is available in almost every part of the world.

For accessing Gmail account, users need to, first of all, create their Gmail account and further, they can use it whenever and wherever they wish to. With the use of Gmail account, the users can easily process their email works i.e. sending as well as receiving emails from their Gmail account. On the other hand, there are also issues that occur every now and then in the Gmail account that creates more and more severe problems for the users. Some of the issues that take place in Gmail are :

  • Email sending and receiving problems.
  • Email configuration issues
  • Password reset issues
  • Junk email issues
  • Spam emails problems
  • IMAP and pop server setting issues
  • Setting up Gmail on Android or iPhone device issues.

As we all know that Gmail account can be accessed on any device, in the same way, it can also be deleted from the device anytime. Furthermore, if users are using their iPhones the also they can anytime delete their Gmail account and can remove it from their iPhone. This requires certain steps that the user needs to follow.

But, the user should remember that deleting their Gmail account will remove the account permanently. Therefore, if again the user is willing to access their account they need to create a new one for this, they can’t get back the access to their old Gmail account.

Steps to Delete a Gmail Account on iPhone

Gmail account can be deleted from any device be it Android or iPhone by the steps that are mentioned below. Therefore, for iPhone users, they are supposed to follow the below-mentioned steps for deleting their Gmail account.

  • To delete Gmail account, first of all, the user is supposed to visit the Google account settings page online.
  • Once the account settings page of Google opens the user needs to select on data tools menu page.
  • From there the user is supposed to go to the account management page and under that should select on delete products option.
  • Now, after this, the user is required to select on remove Gmail permanently menu that is provided under the delete a product option.
  • When the user will select this option, they’ll get a pop-up window in which they are supposed to enter their Google account password.
  • Users need to select it to confirm and should then click on delete google account so as to proceed further.
  • If the user is willing to delete the account permanently then they need to enable the option namely Yes, I want to permanently delete menu.
  • Now, the user needs to go to the new primary email address option and enter an alternate email address other than the Google account that they are deleting.
  • After this, they are required to select gmail password and click on remove Gmail option to proceed the deleting process.
  • The user then needs to sign in to the alternate email address and should select the Gmail removal confirmation email to follow the given link.
  • The user is then supposed to enter their Gmail password and further should click on verify menu.
  • Lastly, the user can select an option as to why they are deleting their Gmail account and can delete their account permanently.

So, these are the steps that are required to delete Gmail account permanently. Furthermore, before deleting the Gmail account the user should remember to save their important details, emails or attachments in a separate mail address or anywhere they wish to.

Besides, there are chances that the user might face various problems in accessing these above-mentioned steps and for this, they need solutions so as to solve it. Therefore, the best way to get the perfect and correct solutions for all the issues and issues related to deleting the Gmail account the concerned representatives should be contacted.

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