Create Edit and Delete Facebook Note

July 6, 2017

As we all are aware that Facebook allows its users to post and to share their memories in the form of pictures on their Facebook accounts. But there is another feature of Facebook that makes it more amazing to utilize. This feature is known as the Note feature that is basically a text editor that is really helpful for the users.

So, this note feature of Facebook can be used by the users whenever they write blogs, posts or any documents on their Facebook account. If anytime the users want to start their blogging on the Facebook account then they can fully utilize this note feature and can make changes in it.

An importance of Facebook Notes!

There are many users who love writing and want their writings to get shared with their Facebook friends and family. The users want their writings to be up to the mark without any errors so that it leaves an impact on its readers. So, here comes the work of Facebook notes that further allows the users to type their full document giving the facility of formatting the whole text as well as tagging their friends if they wish to.

Besides, if the users are new to this feature and want to know about how to create, edit and delete notes then they should follow these given steps!

Steps to create new Facebook notes!

  • Sign in to Facebook account.
  • Then visit the notes field of the profile.
  • Select on adding a note option.
  • In the Title field, type the title of your Note.
  • In the Body field, start writing about whatever interests you.
  • Tag friends who appear in your FB note by typing their names into the Tags field.
  • Click the Add a Photo link to add photos.
  • Choose who can see your note using the Privacy drop-down menu.
  • Make changes and format the note.
  • Click on select your privacy settings option.
  • Lastly, click on publish and then on save.

For editing the notes:

  • Visit the notes page of the profile.
  • Select on see more option that is mentioned at the bottom of the notes where the content is entered.
  • Select on edit note menu.
  • Edit the note and select on publish update option.

For deleting the notes:

  • Open the notes section.
  • Select on see more option that is mentioned beside the note that needs to get deleted.
  • Select on edit note.
  • Select the delete option.


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