Switch from Yahoo Mail to Gmail

February 1, 2018

Email service does a great job in our daily life.It is significant to all those who want it to use it securely and in the safe mode.Gmail gives you such opportunity and helps you to access your email service anytime.Its features are easy to understand and have several benefits.Gmail application comes with unlimited storage and has a number of things to explore in it.While using it with different IP address, it is required for you to verify your identity for the security purpose. Account holders face certain issues at occasions and need an immediate solution for that.It is required for the user to reach technical team immediately in such conditions.Tech experts can be contacted by using the toll-free number.

5 reasons to switch from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail

Reason 1: Gmail is more secure

Reason 2: Gmail is faster

Reason 3: Gmail has a powerful suite of productivity tools built-in

Reason 4: Gmail has fewer and smaller ads

Reason 5: Gmail has more powerful spam filters

How may I switch from Yahoo mail to Gmail?

There is a number of ways to do it.Individual need to see the given discussed ways:

Automatic transfer:

  • It is first required to open your Gmail account
  • User should now into “Settings”
  • Now, tap on the “Accounts and Import” tab
  • Select the option of “Import mails and contacts” and should enter the password of Yahoo
  • Click the import options that you want to use, message in your inbox will only be imported
  • Note that only messages currently in your inbox will be imported

Manually contact transfer:

  • User should first login to their Yahoo account
  • By using the Contacts tab, choose “Actions” from drop-down menu, select “Export all” option
  • Choose “Yahoo CSV” from the drop-down menu
  • Now, save the file to desktop
  • It is time to log in to your Gmail account
  • From the left-hand sidebars, tap the “Contacts” option
  • Click “Import Contacts” now
  • By using the “Choose File” option, select file from the desktop
  • It is required for you to edit all data

Users who will not be satisfied by the solution of the above-discussed issue, they should contact the technical team.Tech engineers will first try to understand your point and assist you with better solutions.First, experts will take the complete description of the user’s issue and control the system by using remote desktop assistance.The technician will guide you throughout the problem until the bug will not be resolved.To contact tech experts, it is always required to reach Google customer support number instantly.

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