Best Gmail Extensions increase your productivity

May 24, 2017

Today there are more than 1 billion users access Gmail per month. The number is rising every moment. Hundreds of useful tools keep the Gmail users highly productive. With the increasing use of mobile internet devices, the popularity of Google and Gmail has reached to a mind-blowing height.

Undoubtedly, Gmail is the pioneer in email servicing industry. Hardly, any individual could be found who don’t have at least one Gmail account. To enhance the daily productivity, you need to manage your Gmail inbox astutely.

This management becomes easier and faster with the help of some really useful Gmail extensions. These extensions help in organizing tasks or follow up your important emails more efficiently. In case you find it hard to apply these extensions you can call at the Gmail toll free number for instant help. The technical team there are ready to help you 24/7.

10 great Gmail extensions to manage your Gmail

  • Bananatag

    This attractive extension helps you to track whether the receiver of your email is actually opening your email id or not. This is an extremely powerful tool for the marketing people who don’t expect any response from the targeted clients but at least expect that the send emails will be read at least.
  • Secure Gmail

    This extension helps you to secure your email. It can be downloaded from Google and emails can be sent through it to keep the emails encrypted. Even the system will see the encrypted version only.
  • Gmail Snooze

    It is a tool that enables you to read a message at your convenience. The tool doesn’t let you forget an email as the snooze will remind the important message at your specified time.
  • Gmail offline

    This powerful Gmail tool helps you to work on Gmail even when you have no internet connection. So, you can read, write, edit, delete or do anything on Gmail while offline. Only, the message can be sent when the internet connection is available.

    This useful extension helps to organize all your subscription based emails. These emails make your inbox extremely cluttered. But with the help of you can select which emails are to keep and which you don’t need anymore.
  • The Swizzle

    This important tool is another way to manage your newsletters and promotional emails. It helps you unsubscribe from the websites which you want and organize the rest in a single email to keep your inbox clear.
  • CloudMagic

    It is an extension that eases your search. It helps you to follow up a conversation and get follow-up reminders. The tool appears in the upper right corner of the page and keeps the search results open while you compose or read an email. CloudMagic works both online and off-line.
  • Boomerang

    It is the tool that lets you send a composed email on a specified date and time in future. It also helps you to remember that you have not received a reply or you have to reply to someone.
  • Rapportive

    It is a tool that helps you to create a stronger relation with someone who is in your Gmail connection. This extension creates a small profile of the person with all necessary information and the social media the person uses.
  • WiseStamp

    It is a tool for designing unique signatures that will enhance your impression or make your emails more important.

You can contact Gmail helpline number to know about this extension, their applications, and also for fixing any issue while using the extensions. 

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