April 26, 2017

SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol allows the user to send emails from an email application through a specific server.

For example, if you want to use your Juno email account to send email through another email client, you will need to configure the settings in that client with JUNO SMTP information.

Today apple products are being operated all over the world in which most of the people are using Mac. There are bit different process of doing Juno email SMTP setting in Mac which is easy to be adapted by any experienced people. 

SMTP Configuration settings for Juno Email - SSL

Outgoing Server Name:

Port: 465

Security Type: SSL 

Require Authentication: Yes

The email address must match the email address/ aliases of the account, for which the authentication details are provided.

SMTP Configuration settings for Juno Email - TLS

Outgoing Server Name:

Port: 587

Security Type: TLS 

Require Authentication: Yes


Steps to configure Juno SMTP setting for MAC:

  • First, open your Juno email account
  • There will be a Tools menu in your account setting.
  • In that menu select the voice account setting in your email client in your device Mac.
  • Now select the Outgoing server SMTP voice.
  • Press the “Add” option in order to set a new SMTP. A popup window will be shown.
  • Now there will be several options will be shown which you need to fill.
  • In the description a name that user will decide to identify the server like Juno, Gmail or yahoo etc.
  • Now in the second option there you have to enter the Server name.
  • Generally, SMTP works with 25 port.
  • Now the user has to enable the Authentication and add your email address.
  • Now your changes are done and for further any other changes you will have to go with the same pattern.

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