Fix image upload issue in WordPress

May 29, 2017

If the images are not uploaded to the website then the likelihood or the chances of failure is high. This is because users accessing it will always want a beautiful interface which should attract them to your website.

So in case if you are facing any sort of upload image issue then get it immediately fixed and this is the perfect place to beat. Here users will be offered all the different ways through which the issue can be fixed.

Such issue generally can be classified into two parts one is for the users who are not being able to upload single and the other issue is for the users who are not being able to upload any image.

If the users are not being able to upload a single image then immediate assistance can be taken from WordPress technical support where the best technicians are waiting to assist the users in the best possible manner.

Things to be done when users are facing difficulties in uploading only a single image

  • First of all, users can try renaming the image and then they can try uploading the image.
  • If the problems remains unfixed then users can simply decrease the image resolution and this will certainly work

Things to be done when none of the images are getting uploaded

If users are facing this type discrepancy with all their images then reading the below-mentioned tutorial would be a perfect thing to do.

  • First of all, users can try and change their file permission.
  • If there still seems to be a problem then users can try deactivating the plugins with a key focus on the plugins that are optimizing the images.
  • The next thing which can be tried out by the users if the issue remains unfixed is increase the limits of the memory of their site.
  • Users can also try removing the file path which would be available on the Media Settings page.
  • The last thing which can be tried out by the users is to check their PHP version as it may cause an issue due to which image may not be getting uploaded.

Is there still some problem with your WordPress?

If there are hindrances left with your WordPress account then there can be nothing better than seeking assistance from the WordPress team. They are the best people to seek assistance as they have gained mastery and multiple certifications in it. It is for this reason they are also known as the masters of the domain.

This can be proved by the millions of happy customers that have availed assistance from them. They have the ability to fix any level of a technical issue in the first call itself which makes them perfectly fit for this job. Now that it is their job then why not leave everything to them by dialing the 24/7 WordPress toll-free number. Users can simply discuss their issue and then the certified technicians will remote access the system to locate the issue and quickly troubleshoot the same in no time. 

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