Site ahead contains harmful programs error in WordPress

June 5, 2017

WordPress provides powerful publishing platform with easy access to the internet. It contains simple interface and the software is built for publishing. The user has the option to publish anywhere and application provides distraction free writing. Save drafts safely with password protection facility. Now on certain occasions, WordPress user faces various trouble with the software. Various errors are displayed and one of the common error is ‘This site ahead contains harmful programs’.

Whenever the user gets harmful program error it means that the website is hacked and is marked insecure. The user might get a various solution to fix the hacking problem but the issue will still remain. This article will provide various solution to fix the problem and contain the harmful programs. To find malicious code on the site checks the site using safe browsing analysis tool. Now if the user is unable to access the WordPress account due to harmful errors prefer the backdoor option which is the method of bypassing the authentication and gain ability to access the server.

Ask Google to remove the warning from search results once the user finds the website is clean. Use Google Webmaster tool for that and click on security issue section in tools. Links will be provided to clean up the site and once the issues are fixed click on the checkbox for review. To know more about it contact the support expert over the WordPress toll-free number.

If still WordPress user is getting the error message as ‘This site ahead contains harmful programs’ then try out the troubleshooting solutions to fix the hacking problem –

1. Before making any changes backup the site and keep a copy available to be required at the time when the entire process is messed up.

2. Next, remove the malicious code from the website. It is very complex to get rid of the malware and it might happen that user will keep getting the malicious code through the backdoor.

3. Finally, ask Google to remove the warning making sure that the website is clean.

Also, check to the website ‘’ malware scanner which lists down the security troubles with the sites and remove all the recent changes that were made on the website. If the user doesn't get any security error then report the issue submitting a request to Google. Following the steps carefully add correctly will surely help the WordPress user in getting rid of the harmful errors.

Still getting the error for harmful programs or solve website hacking issue? Contact WordPress technical support to get the best solution to the WordPress troubles. Dial the helpline number to talk directly with the support team and resolve the troubles mainly find ways to remove the error messages mainly the harmful program messages.

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