Setup Brother printer on a wireless network

July 21, 2017

To make configure your brother printer through the wireless setting network, then you may follow up the below-given procedure, which mentioned as follows:

Step 1: First of all, take or assemble your required devices through which you want to connect your printer to the wi-fi network.

Step 2: Then after connect the AC power cord to your brother machine and after that connect it to the AC power outlet.

Step 3: Then when it has opened just click on the ‘menu’ button.

Step 4: Then it will show you a list of options from which you will need to select the desired option by accessing it through the up or down arrow key. Hence choose their ‘network’ option and then press ‘ok’.

Step 5: Then by following the up and down button, just click on the WLAN option and then move to the next button.

Step 6: After that choose the ‘setup wizard’, and then click on the ok button.

Step 7: You need to see whether your WLAN network has been enabled or not. And if not then enable the wireless network.

Step 8: Which will then start up the setup wizard.

Step 9: Then your brother device will search for the network, and then display the list of SSID which is available at that time.

Step 10: When the SSID appears then just click on the ok button by the help of the up and down key.

Step 11: Now if you are using the authentication method in your networking device then enter the required username and password. Then press the ok button.

Step 12: When done with all the jobs, then WPS is available notification will appear on the screen.

Hence when all done with this, then just be ready to use the online features through your wi-fi network. And hence then one can get the sign of relief.


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