Tips And Tricks To Roku Setup

February 5, 2018

Almost each and every Roku streaming Players have the same method to setup Roku player.

Easy Tips And Tricks To Roku Setup

 Given below are the basic instructions given below that should be followed during Roku setup-

  • The first step when you are going to set up Roku streaming player is that you have to find the ports on the back of Roku. This is basic step because some models of Roku have different types of ports available.All the Roku models have HDMI Port or Ethernet port. HDMI port carries both audio and video connection to TV and Ethernet cable are used to connect the router to provide internet connection but some use the only Wi-Fi connection.
  • After finding the ports on the Roku, again you have to find ports on your TV or Roku TV that are matching that provides the best high quality of videos.See side panel, back side or front panel to match the ports with Roku ports
  • The next step is for the users that are using previously owned Roku player is that they should reset previous settings by plugging Roku into a power outlet and press the reset button of Roku for 20 seconds and it will clear the internal memory as well as previous settings.
  • Attach Roku streaming player to your home TV by using HDMI and for wired connection use Ethernet port 
  • Connect the power adapter to the wall outlet and power connector to Roku player. 
  • Insert the batteries (2AA) to a remote control to use for next settings.
  • Now turn on your TV and select the language of your choice so that you can easily understand the text and dialog displayed by your Roku player.
  • The next step is to select a network connection whether it is wired or wireless. You need to select your wireless network from list and give a password and press connect button and your Roku player is automatically connected t your home TV 
  • After connecting to an Internet connection, Roku will automatically update, install the latest version of the software and will restart and reboot. 
  • To start your Roku player you must have Roku com link account so that you should get all the updates and information about your Roku device. Visit to link your account with Roku.
  • If you have already an account, you need to fill Roku activation code and your Roku player is ready to use.
  • You can add channels of your choice from Roku play store.
  • Once you follow all the steps mentioned above, your Roku Streaming player is ready to use.

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