Secure Netgear Wireless Network

July 17, 2018

Tips to secure your Netgear wireless network

The rapid increase in access to online information has made it easier not only for the users to find out any type of data. It has also made it easier for cybercriminals to gain access to a user’s PC without there consent. Another issue that can affect your internet connection, especially wireless network is that your nosy neighbors might be connected to it without your permission.

You might wonder whether your network connection is being accessed by a hacker without your knowledge. We at the Netgear Router Support work day and night to provide your internet router with the best technical assistance. The security of your wireless network is paramount as hackers are most likely to use it for accessing your sensitive data. Hackers and cybercriminals can also manage to steal your bandwidth.

Our skilled team of professionals possesses the best tools to resolve any issue affecting the working of your wireless network. Whether it is an issue of a weak signal or you not able to connect to the internet at all, we are here for you. Every solution provided by our experts will resolve the issue at hand without any delay. The only policy followed by our team is ensuring that no issue interrupts the smooth signal quality of your home or office wireless network.

How can I increase the security of my Netgear wireless network?

The Netgear Technical Support is a reputed name in the tech industry owing to the quality of solutions provided to our customers. We would like you to follow the guidelines mentioned below to secure your wireless network.

Enable the WPA2 Encryption

Are you looking to enhance the level of privacy while browsing the internet on your home wireless network? Our professionals recommend that you enable the Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) encryption, which is stronger than the older WEP technology. Connect with the Netgear Support experts to get the best protection for your wireless network.

Create a Long Wireless Network Password

  • A short length password is easier to crack for a hacker as compared to a longer password. We recommend that you create a longer wireless network password as it exceeds the length of the limit of Rainbow Tables used for cracking passwords.
  • You should think of setting the wireless network password for a length up to 16 or more characters. Please note that the password should be a combination of letters, symbols, and alphabets. Also, you can use the Pre-Shared Key as the password limit is 64 characters.

Disable the Admin via Wireless Function

  • An effective method of stopping hackers from accessing your wireless network is taking complete control over the administrative function of your router. The Netgear Customer Support professionals recommend that you disable the Admin Via Wireless function.
  • This will ensure that anyone connected to your internet router through Ethernet cable won’t be able to turn off the security features including Wi-Fi encryption and firewall.

No common SSID

  • Hackers and cybercriminals often refer to a list having more than a 1000 most commonly used SSID’s (wireless network names). In case, your wireless network is mentioned on that list then it is a big reason to worry.
  • Hackers are most likely to use the Rainbow Table for cracking the password of your wireless network. It is a good idea to change the name of your wireless network.
  • Make sure that you change it to something random that hackers find hard to crack. You can count on the expertise of our professionals to be there for you for any router or network-related issue.

Activate the router firewall

A number of internet routers come with an inbuilt firewall that can be used for keeping cybercriminals and data thieves away from your network. You should enable and configure the firewall function as it will help you keep your wireless network invisible from unauthorized individuals who might try to steal your data.

Want to know more about keeping your wireless network secured against unauthorized access? Connect with the Netgear Router Customer Support professionals via toll-free number at 1-855-925-7084

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